Having Thick Skin


As I wind down the week and get ready for the weekend…..I read something today that hit a nerve. Then I thought to myself….why give any of my energy to someone who is just never going to change their mind about me anyways? They have never walked in my shoes.  How would they even understand me?  I have always been a strong girl. I know my heart and I know when to walk away. I know who my real friends are. I know who my loved ones are that continue to stick with me day in and day out.

So for any of you who ever get upset about someones opinion of you…..shrug your shoulders and flip them off. They aren’t worth your time…..but for that one negative person who said what he did…..guess what…

You still read IT (he knows what I am talking about SIDEROASS)…and guess what…

I still got your $$$$$$…POW!

Thick skin baby,,,,,,thick skin 🙂


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