Not conforming to societies standards of what a lady should act like


For those of you who have read my first book Finding Comic Relief in Radiology and who have read my first few blogs, probably know by now that I am not very lady like. I have my own opinions, I curse, I love to watch basketball (especially LeBron James). I love listening to Howard Stern’s morning rants about stupid people he has met and how he gets censored and fined all of the time. I also love Kathy Griffin.

Lets take a moment to talk about Kathy Griffin. Kathy has a big mouth and a lot of opinions. I absolutely love her humor and thought the mockery of Donald Trump was hilarious. She is a comedian and we all know she didn’t mean a thing by her Donald Trump bit except to get Americans to think. Think about our president who should represent the US with poise, honesty, and professionalism. Instead, we have a president who loves to get on Twitter to yell at entertainment stars on how they look etc. Again, Kathy is a comedian, Trump is our president. Go figure.

I also adore LeBron James. Not only am I amazed at his ability to STILL dominate the NBA in his 15th season, but he is also well known for his temper and outspoken manner. He gives an incredible game every single night. I can always count on him for 2 hours of pure entertainment. What I also love about him is his raw ability to just say what he wants and not give a bleep. He has stated time and time again that he is more than an athlete. He gives to his community as he is helping to rebuild Akron, Ohio and he continues to give a lot to youths. He is more than just an athlete, as anyone who knows his history can tell you , he is Cleveland’s finest. His billboard means something to the city. What I think he is going to leave his fans with is a legacy of not only pure talent, but a better community. He represents everything someone of his stature should: the love of the game, a marketing genius, and standing up for what he believes in. He has the platform…..why not use it?

As I sit here and type all of this, I am thinking of all of the women I know who are strong willed, sometimes ill mannered, and opinionated, yet they are all labeled as bitches. However, a man who has the same traits are seen as strong individuals. What does that make me? Should I have to sit in the corner with my mouth shut? Should I have to worry about hurting someones feelings because my opinions might offend them?

Ladies like Christina Aguilera and Trisha Paytas didn’t get to where they are by being silent. I am sorry if  my words or book may have offended some but I am not sorry that those words were how I felt at the time (and frankly, still feel that way). My podcast will be starting soon. My podcast will be titled “The Venting Chronicles” so for those of you who get offended easily, then you might want to press the mute. However, if you like Howard Stern, Wendy Williams, and Jerry O’Connell’s sense of humor, then I hope you join me for some straight talk! I will be bringing the shade, the tea, and yes, the ignorance. However, I will keep some of it clean as I give updates on the Cleveland Cavs (and I may just throw a little Kyrie in the mix), and I will bring up topics that are fun and light, but do not expect a prim and proper gal…how would that be any fun?

So for those of you who think women should be silent, proper, disengaged……well…its 2018. Time for the ladies to speak up!


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