Favorite TV shows!

I am not a huge TV fan. There are few shows that I watch. I generally watch anything that takes my mind off of my day. I like to watch things that do not make me think to hard (like Jeopardy) or Wheel of Fortune. I know what you are thinking….Wheel of Fortune isn’t that big of a brainstorming show, but like I said, I like to watch shows that take my mind away from my stressful job.

My favorite show at the moment is The Walking Dead. Most people I know do not watch this show. It took the entire first season to really grab my attention. Now that TWD has my attention, I am at the TV faithfully every Sunday at 9 p.m with my phone ringer shut off waiting to see what Rick Grimes next move is.

Some of my other guilty pleasures are Keeping Up With The Kardashian and Teen Mom. I know what you are thinking….KUWTK….really? Let me tell you that there is nothing better then watching this senseless , crazy family who seems to have more issues than a vogue magazine. I am not even sure who my favorite Kardashian is. I just know they all bring a little hilarity to my day. Kim’s over the top “everything is about me because I am hot attitude, Kourtney’s beef with everyone in the family because they do not eat gluten free and organic everything and Scott’s romance with a girl who is barely out of highschool and who looks pretty similar to Kourtney I might add is just hilarious. Kendall seems pretty into herself and Kylie’s new face just leaves me wondering why the heck did she get any surgery done….she was always beautiful! Then there is Khloe. Khloe who might just be the funniest one on the show. I truly loved watching her sarcasm and her messy marriage to Lamar. I LOVED that marriage. Then he had to get into drugs and go to a brothel and overdose while sleeping with a bunch of hookers and almost died. Khloe divorced him and is now pregnant with her first child by Tristan Thompson. Tristan is a basketball player with the Cleveland Cavs. Many people say the CAVS are losing this year because of the Kardashian curse. The Kardashian curse is basically a rumor that is going around that says anyone who hooks up with any Kardashian, their life will be cursed. It is kind of funny to look back on all the guys all of the Kardashains have been with and things that happened to them while they were with a Kardashian. The Kardashian curse just might be real.

Another messy show is Teen Mom. It is like my own little soap opera. I love Teen Mom 1 and Teen Mom 2. Teen Mom one has Farrah Abraham, Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, and Catelynn Lowell. Holy crap is this show a drama filled party. Farrah went from a teen mom to a porn star who also sells sex toys and has a webcam peep show for your pleasure. Farrah has a very nasty attitude always snapping and yelling and complaining about someone or something. There was a rumor that Farrah never actually dated on the show so MTV set her up with a guy named Simon who makes occasional appearances on the show. What is hilarious is watching his reaction to Farrah’s dramatic explosions and upsets. Then there is Amber. Amber slapped her baby’s daddy pretty hard (beat him might be a better word) on camera and was arrested. She did all of that in front of her dad and child. She went to rehab for drug use, arrested again for violating probation (from her domestic violence assault), then later sent to prison. She seemed to have healed pretty well after her time in prison and met a guy named Matt. Well, Farrah accused Matt of trying to get with her before he was with Amber (there were RUMORS) that Matt tried to get with other teen moms from the show but Matt denied all of the rumors and Amber stayed with him . Matt was also known as a past drug user and supposedly on the show he dabbled a little more into drugs. Matt asks Amber to marry her. They break up and about 5 minutes later Amber meets a new guy and is now pregnant. Then you have Catelynn. When the show first aired, Catelynn seemed like the most normal teen mom. Until the show added her mom into the mix. Her mom often seemed drunk or high and was always screaming at Catelynn. I always had a feeling that Catelynn was probably physically and mentally abused by the way her mom behaved on tv (although physical abuse has not been proven or talked about on the show). Just mental abuse was discussed. Catelynn was and is still with a guy named Tyler. Well, Tylers real dad started to date Catelynn’s mom. Well, Tylers dad Butch (who was dating Catelynn’s mom) was arrested many times for drugs. He was arrested for doing something to Catelynn’s mom (although I am not sure what, but I think it was for domestic violence). Catelynn has her first baby with Tyler and they decide the best thing to do is to put their child up for adoption. They chose open adoption but the adoptive parents have trouble with having the little girl filmed on national TV so Catelynn and Tyler have all kinds of problems trying to see their first child because the adoptive parents have strict rules on the child being on tv etc. It got to a point that the adoptive parents did not even want the child to be discussed on MTV. Later on, Tyler and Catelynn marry and have a second child and Catelynn suffers from postpartum depression. She later admits she uses drugs as well and tries to commit suicide and goes to rehab. Last but not least there is Maci. Maci always seemed like the most down to earth girl of all of the teen moms. She got pregnant at 16 and moved in with her boyfriend Ryan. While Maci stayed home with the baby all night, Ryan went out drinking and partying. They split up shortly after. Maci tried to work things out with Ryan, but Ryan was very immature and just not ready to be in a serious relationship. As time went on, Maci bought her own house and met another guy while Ryan still lived at home with his parents and didn’t work. His parents were always pestering him to work and get a girlfriend and move out. He had several girlfriends on the show but none lasted very long. That is until he met Mackenzie. Mackenzie stuck by him like glue on paper. In fact, they got married while Ryan was noticeably high on drugs and almost swerved off the road on one of the shows. There are many clips of Ryan on the show looking like a lost deer in headlights. Ryan was recently arrested for violating probation. He entered rehab for one month. I think he needed atleast a year. He is now expecting his second child.

Teen Mom is filled with so much drama that it makes me thankful for my quiet little boring life. I look forward to the hectic , one hour drama filling episodes that make even the Kardashians look sane. So if you have not tuned into Teen Mom, let me tell you, it is better than any General Hospital, Dynasty, or Beverly Hills, type of show you ever watched. You will not be dissapointed with Teen Mom!

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