The Honest Company


I love trying new products! I have been a fan of The Honest Company for about 5 years now. I have used most of their products. I have used their toothpaste, dish soaps, hand soaps, floor cleaners, body wash/shampoos and conditioners, body bug spray, sunblock, laundry detergent, hand sanitizer, and I even ordered their tote and dish towels. The Honest Company also has a makeup line. I have tried many of the makeup products as well such as the foundation, blushes, and the magic balm (my favorite). The Honest Company stands by their products that are made with plant based ingredients.

I have sensitive skin and break out with a lot of lotions, detergents, and body washes so finding this company was a dream! Their body washes do not break me out, the lotion doesnt either, and I dont have to worry about my pets paws touching the wet floors because the floor cleaners are all plant based! My sister is allergic to some of the hand sanitzers on the market but when she used the Honest Companies hand sanitizer, she never broke out! I would also like to add the sun block never gave me a burn either which is a plus! You can find the Honest Companies items at Target and Whole Foods, or their official website

Did I mention the company also has organic dipers and baby needs? Check out for more information!

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