LeBron James..NBA PLAYOFFS 2018



Can I just take a minute of your time to talk about one of the most extraordinary basketball players of all time? LeBron James is often compared to Michael Jordan. His name is often mentioned for the MVP vote year after year after year.

He is 6’8, 250 pounds of solid muscle. He currently plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He mostly plays power forward or small forward position but often changes position when needed. He is so good at playing every position from power forward, point guard, small forward or center, that he is often switched to a different role and still plays a solid game. You can’t even tell his position was switched as he continues to dominate the game with triple doubles and double doubles every night. He plays a solid game of offense and defense.  He plays consistently good every single night. Maybe one of the most amazing things I have noticed about him in his 15 seasons is his ability to play every single night and has not faced any significant injuries.  While he has succumbed to a few times of having a sore back, strained calf or sprained ankle, he has for the most part, been very lucky to not have had any major injuries needing major surgery in his 15 career seasons.

Let’s break down some of his achievements throughout his miraculous career. He was NBA’s Rookie of the year in 2004. NBA most valuable player in 2010, 2012, 2013, he has won 3 championship rings 2012, 2013, 2016, NBA finals MVP 2012, 2013, 2016 as he was the highest scorer from rebounds, scoring, assists, block, and steals, MVP ALL STARS 2006, 2008, 2018, male athlete of the year  2013, 2016…..there are many more awards he has won but those just mentioned are just amazing on their own.

He is now preparing for the playoffs for his 8th consecutive run into the finals. This season will be a little different for him . The last three years he had Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love with him. Both of those guys were high scorers and played very well with LeBron. However, this year we seen Kyrie traded to the Boston Celtics and Kevin plagued with numerous injuries. LeBron is now going into the playoffs without his right hand man Kyrie and with a whole new constructed team. There were many trades within the team this season and they are still adjusting to one another . Can LeBron get through this years playoffs without Kyrie? Can LeBron get through these playoffs with all of these new guys who still learning how to adjust to one another?

LeBron is a free agent this summer…..

If LeBron loses the playoffs and finals this year will he request a  trade to another team? So many questions that will be answered in the next few months!

You can watch the start of the playoffs this Saturday April 14th ESPN


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