NBA playoffs and CAVS troubles


Who watched the CAVS against Pacers game tonight? The disappointment from me can probably be heard from the east coast (Cleveland) where I am all the way to the west coast. Tonight the CAVS played in Indiana and lets just say the CAVS arrived in Indiana in suits and probably left in their underwear from being so pissed at tonight’s loss. The CAVS lost to the Pacers by  2 points tonight.

So what happened?

The CAVS had an awesome first half. The defense was on point and they were hitting their 3’s and in the first quarter alone shot 11 out of 15 shots. They were making almost every attempted shot and stealing balls and causing turnovers. By the end of the second quarter the CAVS were ahead of the Pacers by 17 points. It definitely looked as if the CAVS were going to knock it out of the park. Then something happened.

The second half of the game began and all of a sudden the CAVS forgot about what defense was , missed almost every shot, had a few turnovers and sloppy passes. It looked like a completely different team then the ones who started the first half of the game. Are we missing Kyrie yet?

So whats next for the CAVS?

I thought the Pacers would be an easy sweep. I honestly was so happy that the CAVS started with the Pacers as opposed to Boston or Raptors, because both of those teams have been pretty solid all season. The Pacers have been mediocre. If the CAVS can’t get it together to beat the Pacers, then there is no hope for them to beat Boston or Raptors in 4 games. I noticed George Hill was interviewed before tonight’s game and he was asked what was expected of him tonight and if he knew what role he needed to play. Hill’s answer was simply “he was still trying to figure that out”. That answer did not make me feel confident at all that the CAVS would win tonight’s game because he was basically saying the team isn’t ready and they are all still trying to adjust to each other. Well it’s a little late for that don’t you think?

Another surprise tonight? The Raptors lost to the Wizards. The Celtics are currently in their third quarter against the Bucks and the Bucks are currently winning by 24 points. Can the Celtics come through on that? Afterall, the Pacers were down by 17 points tonight. I guess anything can happen.

Tune in this Sunday at 8:30 pm Eastern time to catch game 4 CAVS against the Pacers TNT

Tune in Sunday at 1:00 pm Eastern time to catch Boston Celtics to play the Milwaukee Bucks on ABC. Toronto Raptors will play Sunday at 6 p.m Eastern time to play their 4th game against the Washing Wizards on TNT and the Golden State Warriors will play against the San Antonio Spurs Sunday as well 3:30 pm Eastern time on ABC

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