LeBron James or LeClutch…. leads the CAVS to victory tonight!

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If you just watched the Cleveland Cavaliers play the Indiana Pacers tonight then you were probably sitting on the edge of your seat the entire night. It was a fun, fast paced game going head to head the entire game. There were many times during this game that I started to have my doubts. Then LeBrons block happened. In the 4th quarter the game was tied and Oladipo went for the shot, but LeBron was right behind him the entire time. As Oladipo ran to the hoop with increasing speed, LeBron raised up, and just like deja vu from the 2016 finals on Iguadala’s block, LeBron smacked the ball away from Oladipo preventing him from scoring. If Oladipo had made that shot, the Pacers would have been ahead by two points with 3 seconds left on the time clock. It was such a pivotal moment in the game…..let’s take a look at the incredible block….


That wasn’t the best moment of the night. After that incredible block, Ty Lue called a time out with just 3 seconds left on the clock. What was the plan? It would be a CAVS ball after all. Who was going to make that final shot that would be the final outcome of the game? Who would be the one to get that ball in the hoop with just 3 seconds left on the shot clock? It would have to be a fast move. The CAVS no longer have Kyrie (which I am sure EVERYONE remembers his clutch shot at the end of the 2016 finals win). Those last 3 seconds really had me on my seat thinking….well…it was a good run but I am sure somehow the  CAVS will mess up and we will go into overtime and somehow Oladipo will score another 3 point shot and it will be over.

Then it happened.

The clock started ticking, Jeffrey Green passed the ball to LeBron in a blink of an eye, and LeBron took that step back, and made history. He made that 3 point clutch shot that won the game. Why did I even doubt him? Let’s take a look at LeBrons stellar 3 point game winning shot!

LeBron never fails to give me a solid 2 hours of pure excitement and entertainment. Tonight, not only did he block that shot that woud have put the Indiana Pacers ahead, and sealed that game winning 3 point clutch shot (all you haters can now admit….yeah…LeBron is clutch)….LeBron played an incredible 44 points, 10 rebounds, 8 assists, 1 block and 1 steal in 41 minutes. Can we say MVP!


The CAVS play the Pacers again this Friday? Hopefully the CAVS can stay on top and put the Pacers behind them, LETS GO CAVS!

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