Another 25 Random things about ME!


1.) I LOVE my hometown Cleveland, Ohio

2.) I love Usher

3.) My favorite songs by Usher are U Make Me Wanna, Tell Me, and Downtime.

4.). My favorite album from Usher is Hard II Love

5.) I love to write. It’s therapeutic for me

6.) I love to travel. Nothing better than long drives and exploring

7.) I am a HUGE LeBron fan, but I still check in on Kyrie! I have a signed ball by him too!

8.) If I could have any season all year round, it would be fall!

9.) I love watching Keeping up with the Kardashians!

10.) My favorite Kardashian is Khloe

11.) I have a pod cast coming soon titles “The Venting Chronicles”

12.) I am pro-choice on abortion

13.) I have experienced gender inequality in the workplace and I have quit a job because of it. I firmly believe in standing your ground even if that means taking a change in your life.

14.) My favorite activity in the gym is cardio kickboxing

15.) One of the best experiences I have had at work was working at a pediatric hospital in Ohio

16.) I have two sisters and we are all completely different from one another!

17.) I do NOT like cartoons, but I have always loved The Pink Panther for some reason

18.) I love the 70s style of clothing. Love the BOHO look

19.) My dream is to do a live radio show next to Howard Stern

20.) I love the parks and hiking more than going to the beach

21.) I lived in Charleston , South Carolina for 3 years and would love to go back

22.) One of my favorite clothes designers is Rachel Zoe

23.) My favorite breed of a dog is a boxer and bulldog

24.) Another dream of mine is to one day be able to do a book collaboration with Stephen King

25.) I would love to land a job in writing for a newspaper or some sort of online news blogs.


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