The Cleveland CAVS defeat the Raptors in game 3 NBA playoffs



Sweep sweep sweep. The Cleveland Cavaliers just won their third straight game against the Toronto Raptors tonight. The starting line up of James, Love, Smith, Korver, and Hill gave us a promising night at they started off with great defense and offense. After half time things got a little shaky for the CAVS as we seen Lowry step his game up making some awesome 3 point shots and also grabbing onto LeBron’s arm and knocking him over. Shame on you Lowry.

One of the biggest surprises for me tonight was DeRozan. He usually plays pretty good offense, but for some reason tonight he missed shot after shot and was benched after making just 8 points in 27 minutes.

However, tonight was the CAVS night. James had a solid 38 points while Love had 21, Hill had 12 and Korver had 18, but Smith had 0. So what happened with Smith’s 3 point shots that he was making so well in the last two games? Well, it didn’t matter  tonight as Smith’s ability to keep the floor space open for his starters was just enough help. There is definitely a difference with the floor spacing when Smith is off the court. The CAVS need him.

What I do find surprising is how the CAVS have stayed on on top of the Raptors in 3 games. The Raptors are number one in the eastern conference for a reason so defeating them in 3 games is a little shock to me. In all honesty, I didn’t think the CAVS would play this great against the Raptors….even with LeBron James.

The best moment of the night? LeBron’s  game winning final second floater! Take a look!

I don’t know how he does it every single night, but the man never fails to impress me. He never disappoints! In his 15th season and he plays like it’s his 5th. It’s like I get to watch the LeBron from 2012 all over again. If he makes it to the finals again it will be his 9th consecutive return.  How can he not be MVP this year? How can all of you Jordan fanatics not admit that yes, LeBron has caught up with the ghost he has been chasing. In my opinon, he is the best player on the planet.

You can catch game 4 CAVS against the Raptors Monday 8:30pm eastern time. LETS GO CAVS! Let’s sweep this team and get ready for Boston!

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