LeBron makes it to his 8th consecutive finals

541547452Congratulations to the Cleveland Cavaliers who will be in the finals once again  !

Tonights game was a good one. The game stayed neck to neck the entire time. Kevin Love was out on concussion protocol so who would step up in his place ? Jeffrey Green !

Green was phenomenal tonight with 19 points , 1 assist , 8 rebounds , and 1 block. JR Smith had me wondering where his shots were and then he finally showed them the second half of the game. Smith ended the night with 12 points , 4 rebounds , 1 steal, and one block. Next was Tristian Thompson with 10 points.  1 assist , and 8 rebounds. LeBron was the leading scorer tonight with 35 points , 9 assists , 15 rebounds , and 2 blocks

So what was different about this game ? For starters , there was no Kevin Love and the CAVS never really fell to far behind in the game. With the power forward missing in action , I started to get a little nervous. Then Green stepped in and it was as if he lived for this moment. Green had major heart surgery so this moment for him to be able to play and get into the finals is a huge treat for him ( as LeBron mentioned tonight ).

Another difference in this years playoffs is the CAVS no longer have Kyrie and STILL made it into the finals. No Kevin and no Kyrie. This team was revamped right before the playoffs and still managed the win.

Congratulations to the Cleveland CAvS advancing to the finals.

Tune in Thursday for game one NBA finals with CAVS facing either Rockets or Warriors !!

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