LeBron James free agency …. unanswered questions and rumors


LeBron is now negotiating his next contract. Will he stay in Cleveland where it all began? Cleveland is where his home and heart is. Cleveland is where he won his third championship ring and his first for the city of Cleveland ending their 50 plus year drought. His huge billboard is hanging and viewed by millions. Everyone knows Cleveland is where he belongs.

However , LeBrons goal is to win more rings. He lives for this sport. He puts his heart in the game every single night making triple doubles and in his 15th season we saw him play every single game. In fact , when you watch LeBron play , you would never know he is about to play in his 16th season and still is one of the most sought after guys in the NBA. He has made it to 8 consecutive finals. It’s almost guaranteed you will be in the finals if you play on his team.

Now that his contract is up, what would make the most sense for him regarding his contract ? Should he stay in the city where it all began ? The city that once burned his jerseys and shoes because he opted to play with the Miami Heat when his contract was up ? Should he move on to another team to form a superteam that can dethrone the Warriors ?

LeBron has the free pass to leave Cleveland. He fulfilled his promise of a championship afterall. He gave Cleveland a solid run the last 4 seasons. I think his fans want him to chase his dreams. They want him to win another ring. LeBron wouldn’t be leaving his contract early ( like another CAVS player did recently ).

So where will LeBron end up ? Some team has to defeat the Warriors and that will not be an easy task. Rumors are swirling that Paul George and LeBron are both in talks of joining forces. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see LeBron with Oaklahoma Thunder joining Paul George and Russell Westbrook ? I’m sure no one wants to kick the Warriors ass more than James and Westbrook.

I have always been more of a LeBron fan than Cavalier fan so wherever LeBron decides to go , I am with him all the way !

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