Justice for JR. 15 year old killed by gang members due to mistaken identity. Thoughts.

Last week , a young boy who was just 15 years old was brutally stabbed with machetes by five gang members who held him down , slit his throat and repeatedly stabbed him until he was soaked in blood and shortly later died

It all started with the young 15 year old whose name is JR , went outside down the street to pay his friend 5.00. As he made his way down the street around midnight , he was approached by several gang members who screamed at about posting a sex tape of one of the gangs members sisters. As they shouted the name of the guy they were looking for , ( per reports ), JR ran into a store that was open and begged the owner of the store to tell the gang members what his name was to clear him because he had been going to that store since he was very little and the store owner knew him. . The gang members told the store owner to stay out of it or else. There were about three other people in the store ( maybe owners , employees, or shoppers ) at the time of the incident. The owner of the store stood back as a few of the gang members dragged JR out of the store by his hoodie , held him down and repeatedly stabbed him. There are apartments on top of the store and people were filming it and by passers walking away quickly.

No one stopped to help this 15 year old who was being brutally attacked. After the several stabs , the gang members quickly ran to different cars and sped away.  JR went back to the store to plead for help , the store owners never opened the doors to help him, never called 911. Basically ignored the entire situation. JR was able to stumble down the street toward the hospital.  However , he collapsed a few feet in front of the hospital . Someone passing by seen him , called for help and tried to cover his bleeding neck .  It was to late. JR lost to much blood and died .

One question that still  lingers  in my thoughts is “ who was the supposed friend who called him close to midnight to request 5.00”?  Afterall , several gang members ( at least 10 shown on several videos ) were all ready with their knives and machetes ready to attack. Sounds like a total set up to me.

Later , I read the sister of one of the gang members ( who was in the leaked sex tape) told her brother ( who is one of the 5 guys who was stabbing JR) that JR was the one who leaked the tape. She blatantly lied about it because her boyfriend looks very similar to JR. So she put the blame on an innocent boy because she didn’t want her boyfriend to be the one killed. Then she had the nerve to make a statement on social media that she was innocent because she wasn’t the one  who  did the actual stabbing. She clearly has a twisted way of thinking.  She didn’t think about JRs well being for two seconds. She knew JR through the NYPD explorer program that they both attended.

The gang violence in NY is a huge problem . There are a few more recent stories of 15 and 16 year olds being attached by gangs . I’m not sure why the parents of J.R. allowed him to go outside at that time of night knowing the high crime in south side Bronx .

Here is a video of the story of the gangs member sister who lied


This story is just heartbreaking. There are videos on YouTube that actually show a pretty clear picture of the gang members hacking away at him. Jr had to have been  so confused and frightened not knowing why he was being stabbed so violently.

There is another video of the neighborhood setting out candle , bears , and praying for JRs family and praying JR has found peace in heaven. Then the candles just start falling and rolling around with many people saying JR is still very angry at the way he died and by passers walking by , people recording the incident , store owner locking his doors. Jr was left to defend himself against several people stabbing him relentlessly and he was left to die.

Every time I watch these videos or read about it online , I just start to tear up and wonder why there is so much evil in the world.



The NYPD recently announced there have been several arrests and still more to come.

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