LeBron James in free agency Sunday

1018EA69-00AF-4E21-915C-FBC0DFE6EFD3The time has come . The finals are over and LeBron is planning his next move. LeBron has decided to go into free agency Sunday. What does that mean for LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers ?

LeBron going into free agency doesn’t mean he is not signing with the CAVS. He can still square away a deal with them. I think he is waiting to see what kind of play maker superstar MVP will join him . He needs someone great. He needs someone who is not afraid to be aggressive and make those shots. Many players on that team have proven to be less then mediocre when it comes to actually making a bucket. I was disappointed in JRs performance in the playoffs and finals. I seen him make about 30 three point shots in practice but when it came time to really make those shots….. he failed.

I was also disappointed with Hills performance in the playoffs and finals. He almost seemed like he was scared to shoot . He had several open shot opportunities , but failed to shoot . I am not even going to talk about the disaster of Clarkson. The one surprising player was Hood. Hood was not given many minutes in the finals but when he finally got to play it was like the Incredible Hulk was unleashed.

Now back to LeBron. Cleveland loves him. Kyrie even admitted before LeBron came back to Cleveland , the Q arena would be half empty. When LeBron returned to Cleveland the stadium was sold out every night. Kyrie said it was crazy the impact LeBron has on Cleveland. However , LeBron has a free pass to move on. Everyone is saying if he leaves they are fully supporting him because he delivered on his promise. He gave Cleveland its first championship the city has ever seen in over 50 years. LeBron gave Cleveland one heck of a stellar performance this season as he played every single night and played well over the minutes any other player in the NBA has played. LeBron was putting up crazy numbers. In fact , his numbers and stats out scored Harden who was this years MVP. LeBron was robbed of that MVP award , but that’s another blog I might touch upon later.

For now I wait. We wait. Everyone waits on LeBrons move . Afterall , he is going to have to play with one hell of a team to dethrone the Warriors next season.

Here is a video about LeBrons free agency :

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