Justice for JR update !

I have been absent for awhile. So many things have preoccupied my mind in these last few weeks since I posted about LeBron leaving Cleveland and signing with the LA Lakers. I started a new job. I also seen videos and read about the most disturbing murder.  I recently wrote a blog about Justice for Junior. He was an innocent 15 year old stabbed repeatedly by 5 gang members . The gang members are known as the  Trinitarios . The Trinitarios are guys who formed a gang from the Dominican Republic. They are wide spread in the New York Bronx area and are known to stab others with knives and machetes.  Of course they are to much of a coward to fight one on one so they come at you with 10-20 members . They find you when you are alone and hack you up. They will stab at night or daylight. They will stab you on a quiet street or near a busy intersection. They don’t care. They use knives and machetes because they say “ you run out of bullets , but you don’t run out of stabs”!

The story of Junior just sticks in my mind and I can’t quite get the images out of my head after I watched the horrible video of the way 5 grown men all 19 and older repeadly hacked at his torso and neck as Juniors blood spilled all the way down his legs in gallons. Then the store owners who kicked him out of the store because they didn’t want anything to do with those gang members and those machetes , didn’t even have the decency to hold pressure on Juniors neck as he bled and bled and begged the store owners to help him after the attack. Instead the store owners told him to run down the block to the hospital. Junior , a 15 year old child ran toward the hospital but didn’t make it. He lost to much blood. If you run with a huge stab wound to the carotid artery it just pumps the blood out faster. He lost more blood running. He is now in heaven .

The NYPD has worked non stop to find every single gang member involved. There wasn’t just 5 gang members who stabbed him involved , but so were the drivers . There were cameras on the streets , outside the store where Junior was stabbed and inside the store. Many of the gangs faces and car plates were seen on camera. There is also one gang member you can clearly see walk into the store , but you never see him walk out. You don’t see him dragging  Junior out of the store and you don’t see him stabbing Junior. He is the one in the Black T-shirt and black hat in this video :

There are rumors that he noticed a lot of cameras before the attack and he yelled to all of the others that cameras are out , we should leave. He left while the others carried on with the attack. He caught a flight to the Dominican Republic because he knew everything was on camera and his face along with the other gang members would be seen nationally. There are rumors his mother turned him in to the police and he is cooperating telling the NYPD everyone’s name who was involved in this murder from the killers , the drivers, and those who ordered the attack. The NYPD has arrested about 13 suspects involved in this case. One of them include the Trinitarios gang leader.

The first video above shows the court hearing where all of the suspects plead not guilty. I’m not sure why because all of their faces are all over cameras and videos. Five of the gang members were charged with first degree murder while the rest are charged with second degree murder. As of right now , those lawyers who are defending the gang members have until October to gather anything they can to help their case. In that first video you can clearly see the first two gang members who were brought out smirking or laughing as they walked in.


I will give updates on the Justice for Junior trial as it happens .

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