LeBron James debut as a Laker

I was super excited to see LeBron play his first pre season game with the Lakers last night. I was only able to catch a few minutes of the game because the people I was with was already watching the Pittsburgh Steelers game.

Let’s just say it was more exciting to watch LeBron. He only played about 15 minutes but just seeing him in his Lakers uniform and in action gave me the same chills I had watching him for 15 seasons ago.  It is pretty weird to see him in purple instead of blue , but at least I get another year to watch this beast on the court.

I have to get use to watching a whole new team again. The only other players on the Lakers team that I am familiar with is Stephenson and Ball. The only reason I am familiar with Lonzo Ball is because his dad has a mouth that is bigger than LeBrons career. I can’t say I am to excited to see Lonzo’s dad screaming at the sidelines and telling everyone how his son is already better than LeBron and Jordan combined. Yeah , I will just ignore that last sentence as well 🤐.

NBA regular season starts in about 15 days. I have tickets to see LeBron on his return to Cleveland November 21. I am so exited to see if LeBron can lead the Lakers to the finals just as he did the CAVS and the Heat. It’s going to be an interesting year 🤗

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