NBA All Stars !!!

Cast your votes on now !

Who is excited for the 2019 NBA All Stars this year ? Me !!! I have been waiting since last years all stars game to see Kyrie and LeBron playing together on the same team again.

LeBron has the most votes of any NBA player right now so he will probably be one of the captains again this year and I have a pretty big feeling he is going to pick Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving again. He would be foolish not to.

Last years slam dunk contest has me laughing so hard that I had tears coming out of my eyes. If you missed last years dunk contest , I added a link below !

Not only was the dunk contest hilarious with Nance’s tall socks and extreme confidence , but the 3 point shooting contest was pretty interesting .

The best part of 2018 All Stars game was seeing Kyrie and LeBron back together on the court again laughing it up !

For those if you who think the two have any bad blood …. watch this clip from 2018 All Stars game !

You can watch 2019 NBA All Stars game Sunday February 17!!

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