NBA All Stars ! Captains choose their teammates !!

LeBron James won the votes again and is captain in this years All Stars game. He will be choosing who is on his team ( and I have a HUGE feeling if Kyrie is chosen first that there just might be something to those Lakers rumors ). We all heard the rumors. Kyrie’s apologetic phone call to LeBron. Kyrie saying he doesn’t owe anybody sh*t and ask him July 1st about his free agency. The Lakers have the cap space to sign a really good player and they are currently looking for an excellent shooter who can keep up with LeBron. Makes sense to sign Kyrie to me !

You can catch LeBron on TNT at 7pm tomorrow night as he chooses who will be team LeBron. Will LeBron’s team win again ? Will LeBron win MVP again ?

Here is a trip down memory lane :

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