What’s next for LeBron James ? Injury report

LeBron James is not even human. His entire career has been beyond amazing . LeBron started his career in the NBA right out of high school. He has made it to 9 consecutive finals appearances, has won 3 championships , 3 finals MVP awards , 4 MVP awards , and 14 All Stars appearances. Many of his stats have surpassed Michael Jordan. His career highs have been really high and his career low is something he is facing right now. LeBron will not be returning to the court until next season .

LeBron has just faced the worse injury of his entire career . On Dec 25, 2018 , LeBron suffered a groin muscle injury. He took about 6 weeks off and downplayed his injury. He told his doctors , managers , and fans that he felt great. However , his injury couldn’t have happened at a worse time. While he was out recovering from his injury , the Lakers continued to lose most of the games forcing them out of the playoffs. LeBron has not missed a year playing in the playoffs since 2004-5. When he first returned from his injury it was apparent he wasn’t his MVP self as he failed to score at the rim and was missing shots. As time went on he gained his strength and confidence back but it was to late to get in the playoffs.

Now we wait. We wait to see how this recovery period strengthens LeBron. We wait to see how he plays next season. He is resting per advice from his doctors. We wait to see what kinds of trades will happen with the Lakers. There are a few really great players who will be free agents in July. Can the Lakers sign Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving when free agency hits in July ? I’m holding out for Kyrie.

I’m ending this post with a video by Da Kid Gowie. If you haven’t heard of him you should check him out on YouTube. This video pretty much sums up how I feel about LeBron’s current situation. We can only hope LeBron rests and comes back next season as his usual incredible self and hopefully we see him in the finals next year !

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