It was the Kyrie Irving Show ! NBA playoffs Pacers against Celtics …Kyrie highlights

Kyrie Irving ! If you don’t know him by now you really need to tune in ! Kyrie is at his prime and living his dream as he competes for his second championship ring. He is probably today’s best ball handler in the NBA. His clutch shots are ridiculous and let’s just say if I could choose any point guard in the league , without a doubt , I would choose Kyrie.

I have watched Kyrie from the beginning with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He has really grown on me. He just gets better and better with each passing year. In fact , my favorite years of watching basketball have been watching Kyrie play with LeBron. If you scroll through my prior posts you will clearly see LeBron has a huge place in my heart ( just like Kyrie ).

Sure I was angry when Kyrie requested a trade . Why would anyone WANT to leave Cleveland and LeBron after making it to 3 consecutive trips to the finals? Actually, if Kyrie would have stayed in Cleveland he would have made it to the finals 4 consecutive years with the CAVS, but he wanted out. Kyrie wanted to spread his wings. There was a lot of animosity between him and some of the executives and there were rumors swirling that he no longer wanted to play next to LeBron.

Kyrie is now with the Boston Celtics for his second year and he is doing an amazing job at leading his team. Tonight Kyrie scored 37 points. It was like watching him with LeBron all over again , except , LeBron wasn’t there.

You can catch the Celtics third matchup with the Pacers Friday at 8:30 pm eastern time on ABC.

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