LeBron James gives up his number 23

I thought I would never write this. I thought I would never see the day when my heart would know that LeBron will soon be retiring. Did he just retire his number 23? LeBron has handed over his number 23 to his new teammate Anthony Davis. Anthony Davis who is expected to sign with the Lakers on July 1 will be wearing the number 23 jersey. LeBron will be wearing number 6 again. LeBron was practicing recently in LA clapping up the chalk .

I remember those chalk days. LeBron would clap the chalk into the air at the beginning of every game. He hasn’t done that in a few years , but I have a feeling he is telling us something with the change of numbers on his jersey and the chalk clap. Will he appear with a headband on for his first day debut with Anthony Davis ? Are we about to be witnesses to one of his greatest years this year ? The true LeBron fans know what ” we are all witnesses mean “.

Anthony Davis also waived his 4 million dollar trade bonus which will open the cap space for the Lakers to bring on one more playmaker.

I don’t know about you but I am praying for the LeBron and Kyrie duo one more time. We can’t forget the spectacular 2016 shot , block , stop phenomenon that got the 2016 championship for Cleveland. We can’t forget how LeBron chose Kyrie to be on his All Stars team both years. We can’t forget how they won both All Stars games. We can’t forget Kyrie’s apology to LeBron about being a leader takes more then just knowing the game. We can’t forget Kyrie’s recent trip to LA where he had dinner with LeBron and how the crowd spotted Kyrie at the restaurant and begged him to join LeBron again.

I have been hearing a lot of whispers about Kyrie being a coward if he plays in LeBrons shadow again. Rumors of how he would never play with LeBron again because that would make him look weak.

Every Batman needs his Robin. LeBron can’t do it alone and that was proven in the 2018 finals and his first year with the Lakers. Anthony Davis is definitely a huge bonus for the Lakers , but he isn’t Kyrie. Not in my heart anyways.

Free agency signings happen July 1. Until then I will be praying to the GODS one last time for Kyrie to join up with Bron for one last go at it before LeBron retires.

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