Being a positive lady ?

OK, here I go. If you are not in the mood to hear some venting then read another blog. I know……I’m suppose to be a lady and be proper. I’m suppose to go to work and shut up. Be happy that I have a job right ? I’m suppose to go to work every day with a smile on my face and be HAPPY! Because I’m suppose to leave my problems at home and focus on work. Well you know what I have to say about that then 🖕🏻, because all of my problems involve work so I should be able to vent about it at work.

I AM SO TIRED of having to hold it in. Not ask questions or voice my concerns because it can affect my annual evaluation. Well I have another word for that annual evaluation that begins with the letter F and ends with the letter U.

I’m tired of not being able to speak or voice my opinions because it may offend someone . My opinions might make too much sense . After all , I’m just a minion . I don’t have a voice. I need to just shut up and work this assembly line because I don’t matter. The dollar bill matters. Do more with less help and less pay . After all , I’m lucky to have a job.

I heard about what the supervisor said. I heard he thinks it’s terrible that I don’t like my job. Well tell me ONE person who would still work their job if they didn’t get paid for doing it? Why should it matter that the ONLY reason I’m there is for the paycheck. I got bills to pay. I need a paycheck. If I could be a drug dealer I would gladly do that over the shit I do now , but I would be in jail ( which just might be a vacation compared to the shit hole I work at right now ).

Another thing that I want to vent about is annoying coworkers. Why the hell would I want to hang out with you after work if I’m sitting an inch away from you 5 days a week for 8-12 hours a day ? I don’t even see my ass hole that much. I know …… I’m suppose to want to go to those employer get together and get to know my coworkers . After-all, I see them more then I see my family. Well that’s not my fault. I didn’t make the pay wages so little that I’m forced to work 40 plus hours a week unlike other countries that pride themselves on work balance life that consist of getting 3-4 months a year off and working 30 hours a week as opposed to 40. So big thanks to the ass hole government who takes half my wages so I am forced to be away from my family.

I really need to get my podcast started because I have A LOT more to say ! Stay tuned !

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