Kobe Bryant’s Legacy. RIP

One of the all time greats has left the world. So has his daughter Gianna. Kobe Bryant, his daughter , and 7 others died on a helicopter crash today. Kobe was just 41 years old and his daughter was 13 years old.

Just last night I was sitting in front of my tv. Watching the Lakers game eager to see LeBron James make those 18 points to knock Kobe out of the 3rd spot of NBA’s leading scorers. As LeBron made the shot to knock Kobe down to the number 4 highest all time scorer I remember feeling such an awe. The crowd cheered. Kobe sent a tweet telling LeBron congratulations and keep moving forward ! Kobe was excited to see LeBron ( who looked up to Kobe like an older brother )notch upward in the rankings.

Little did the world know that the next day ( today ) would be Kobe’s last day on earth. I didn’t watch a lot of Kobes games because I was so mesmerized by LeBron that I didn’t reel into watching the Lakers. My eyes were wherever LeBron was. CAVS , The Heat. However , I recognized greatness where it was. Kobe’s achievements in the NBA puts him in the basketball hall of fame this summer. In July he will be inducted into the NBA hall of fame. I have watched several of Kobe’s interviews. He always had a beautiful smile and loved Shaq like a brother.

Kobe ….. you , your daughter and every member on that helicopter will be missed. RIP !

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