Happy 4th of July! Are you celebrating ???

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

Happy 4th of July ! Are you celebrating today with friends , family , food, and fireworks ? Or , are you in self isolation like me? Are you out and about enjoying your freedom ? Or, are you enjoying the quiet in your own home with just you and your thoughts like I am?
I don’t feel much like celebrating this year. Today we are suppose to be celebrating our independence and freedom. Are we really free though ? Should we really be celebrating this pandemic and protesting and rioting that has divided this country more than brought us closer?

This year I feel more alone then I ever have as I chose to stay in self isolation away from friends and family so I don’t spread a disease that could possibly kill them if I were to get it and pass it to them. I only venture outside for groceries , medicine , and work. I feel like a hermit as I have been alone for so long that I hope I can remember how to communicate like an adult when this pandemic finally clears up.

I haven’t stayed completely out of touch with the world. I read the news when I can muster up enough courage to hear all about how many deaths the US has seen today and how cities are being burnt down and people shot because of protesting . I am so tired of wearing a mask everywhere I go. I read an article that talked about how we breathe in carbon dioxide wearing masks and how it may affect our lungs in the future. When I am out and about running errands I am noticing not many people wearing masks. I’m sure those with compromising immune systems , those people with cancer , lung and kidney transplants etc would greatly appreciate if you wore a mask. Sometimes you need to think of others. Just because you aren’t sick doesn’t mean others aren’t. Please people ….. wear a mask !

For those of you celebrating this divided country today, please have a beer for me. I need it.

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