CALLING ALL LAMBS!!!! Mariah Carey has released her memoir !!!!

At just the age of 50 , Mariah has decided to release her personal memoir. With a release date of September 29, Mariah is telling it all ! Or will she ?
I have followed Mariah’s career since Vision of Love. There are so many interesting aspects about her life from growing up biracial ( in the 70-80s), landing a huge recording deal at age 18 and marrying the CEO of her record company Tommy Mattola. Mariah has eluded to being held captive in the mansion she once called sing sing that she shared with Tommy. I remember Oprah’s interview asking Mariah if she was actually held captive in that mansion. Mariah smiled and simply said “ she could have walked out if she wanted to”. However in a Barbara Walters interview when being asked about dressing more demure while being married to Tommy , Mariah said she could wear what she wanted but it would have been a thing.
Mariah has never really said exactly what went down with that marriage but there have been other singers and songwriters who have commented Tommy might have been a little controlling. Is that all true ? Will we find out in this memoir ?
Will Mariah talk about what lead to that divorce and give a little more insight on her songs on her Butterfly album that she wrote during that divorce ? Will she talk about the rumors about Derek Jeter? Mariah dated Derek Jeter shortly after the divorce with Tommy but there isn’t much documented on that . I always thought The Roof was written about Derek as well as Fourth of July.

Will Mariah talk about how she was snubbed at the Grammys for her One Sweet Day song that was number one on the billboard charts for 12 weeks and did not win the category for record of the year.

Will Mariah talk about what went down in the Glitter era ? There were several articles out saying Mariah had a breakdown following her breakup with Louise Miguel ( very private relationship ), but Mariah simply said she worked herself to the ground getting 2 hours of sleep a night for months which lead to physical exhaustion. Many fans didn’t believe that story. Will Mariah talk about the song that “allegedly “ was stolen by Tommy Mattola and Jennifer Lopez ? Irv Gotti made a statement years ago that Tommy asked him to work on a particular song with Jennifer ( that he knew Mariah had already sampled ). Mariah has always taken the high road and would simply say “ I don’t know her “ when asked about Jennifer. Jennifer has never made a comment on it.

Will Mariah talk about Virgin records dropping her from their label which lead to The Emancipation of MiMi? Will she talk about her relationship with Nick Cannon and what lead to that divorce ?

Many people say Mariah is to young to write a Memoir. However , life is short. We never know when our time comes to be taken from this earth. I remember Mariah once said she didn’t think she would even live this long. She was around 40 years of age when she said that in an interview.

I know I am pre ordering my copy. I think it’s going to be one heck of a read. You can get your copy September 29th at various stores including Barns N Noble and Target.

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