Social Justice NBA jerseys….thoughts?

The NBA has recently announced that it will allow the basketball players to wear NBA approved social justice messages on the back of their jerseys for the rest of the season. LeBron James has decided not to display a message on the back of his uniform and will have just his name on his uniform as usual. LeBron made a statement saying he didn’t need to have something on the back of his jersey for people to understand his mission. LeBron has a brand and I think his brand is about keeping everything straightforward.

The Lakers are all set to play their first game since the pandemic shut the NBA down. You can catch LeBron with his team the LA Lakers Thursday July 30th 9pm Eastern time on TNT. The LA Lakers will face the LA Clippers. The UT Jazz will play the New Orlean Pelicans Thursday July 30th at 6:30pm Eastern time on TNT.

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