LeBron takes on LA Clippers !!!

You didn’t really think I would take to much time off to not mention LeBron did you ? In just a few hours we will see the greatest NBA player on earth play against the second top team in the NBA . LA Clippers have had a phenomenal season with Leonard and Paul George ( my future husband ). However , their court chemistry doesn’t even come close to the chemistry that LeBron and Anthony has. The other day as I was listening to ESPN and their usual banter on who they think has been the best duo in NBA history , I began to think of all of the teammates I watched over the years. ESPN thought Davis and James was one of the best duos they seen in years.

I started to think of all of the teammates LeBron has played with over the years. I absolutely loved watching LeBron play with Wade but there is something special about LeBron and Kyrie’s presence on the court together. It’s like they can read each other’s minds on the court easily catching the passes , dribbling behind one another. Kyrie and LeBron made it to the NBA finals 3 times together and winning one championship together. Later LeBron chose Kyrie to be on his All Stars team and they won again. In my heart LeBron and Kyrie make the best dynamic duo in NBA history. Is it because I am from Cleveland ? I’m not sure but I do know I cherish every memory I have of those two together. However , tonight is a different story. Tonight I cheer for Davis. Davis has been a pleasant surprise and I am definitely a new fan of his.

You can catch the LA Lakers take on the LA Clippers tonight on TNT at 9 pm Eastern time. GO LAKERS !

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