Is LeBron playoff ready ?

Last night the LA Lakers fought their way on the court against last year champions the Toronto Raptors. The Lakers started the game by missing every shot for the first few minutes as the Raptors easily scored 10 points. Finally McGee made a bucket putting the Lakers on the scoreboard. The Lakers had 11 turnovers in the first quarter of the game. They didn’t look like the number one team in the NBA. They looked more like they were just waking up from a long deep sleep. The Lakers lost to the Raptors with a score of 92 to 107.

LeBron played well. He always does. LeBron ended the night with 20 points , 5 assists , 10 rebounds , and 1 block. His defense was pretty stellar last night as well. I have noticed him picking up his defense in the last few games. He looks in great shape. He was smiling on the sidelines. LeBron is right where he wants to be . His health is good. His teammate Anthony Davis is looking and feeling good and the Lakers are passing the ball and working pretty well on the court together . So what went wrong last night ?

One thing I noticed during the game was the double teaming on Anthony Davis. I think the Lakers are going to have to make sure Davis is open to make those shots that we know he can make. Was LeBron as aggressive as he usually is on the court. I didn’t notice if he was. He seemed to have his usual energy but something was a little off with him last night. JR Smith , who I am ecstatic to see play with LeBron again played for about 7 minutes. The one thing I love about JR Smith besides his upfront raw personality is his ability to open the floor space the point guard needs to get a bucket. He can get into those 3 point shots easily if he wants to. I would like to see more of him on the court. I also think Kuzma should be a starter. I am not sure why the coaches have benched him but I do think he has proven himself to be a starter.

The Lakers next game will be against Utah Jazz tomorrow 9 p.m eastern time on ESPN. Go Lakers !!

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