LeBron James ….Is he in the right mindset ? Playoffs 2020

The LA Lakers will play the Portland Trailblazers this Tuesday in the first round of the NBA playoffs. The big question that is on everyone’s mind is ….. is LeBron ready ? Is Anthony Davis ready ? Is the Lakers as a team ready ?

As I reminisce the past of LeBrons pre playoff history ( and completely miss his sidekick Kyrie ) I begin to realize LeBron is right where he should be. The last few years that he played with the Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron would sit out games and reduce his minutes , stay off social media and just clear his mind . Many of his pre playoff games he often seemed to drift off a bit with his scores deceasing making his fans wonder what is happening to this guy ? LeBron would miss half his shots and miss even more free throws then usual. Then something magical would happen in every playoff . LeBron would become the beast that we know scoring triple doubles , making his 3 point shots , blocking and dunking.

This season is a little different for LeBron. He is being quarantined and having to listen about the protesting happening across the nation. He is getting older. He has just helped his third team to make the playoffs. LA Lakers was a pretty weak team the last few years until LeBron showed up and I honestly believe if he had not had that groin injury on Christmas’s of last season that had him out almost the rest of that season , the Lakers would have been well on their way to the playoffs.

I have never given up hope on LeBron before and I’m not going to start right now. I think LeBron was preparing himself for what might be his last chance to win another championship. Anthony Davis’s contract ends this season so we don’t really know if he will be back with the Lakers and Anthony has been one of the key players this season. Anthony needs to step it up in the playoffs because his playing has been less then stellar the last few games.

You can watch the beginning of the playoffs with the LA Lakers taking on the Portland Trailblazers this Tuesday at 9pm Eastern time on TNT

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