LeBron James and the LA Lakers defeat the Trailblazers in NBA playoffs round one !

Did I have some doubts about LeBron being playoff ready this year ? Was I worried that his mental state wasn’t in the same mindset that it had been in his prior playoff history ? I can say with confidence that this is the first year I ever had some doubts with LeBron.

This year we have all seen Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crash. We all seen and heard LeBron’s speech praising and missing him. We all seen LeBron getting off a plane crying the day he heard about that crash. Then came COVID-19 shutting down the entire US and cancelling the rest of the NBA season . Then came the stories of police brutality on black people and the rioting . This year has been a lot of pain and sadness for everyone.

Then LeBron made a statement about his mind being on so many things. We seen him on social media during the playoffs which is something he never has done in the past. I think we are slowly beginning to see that LeBron is tired. However , you wouldn’t notice it on the court. He is still scoring triple doubles and blocking , stealing and dunking just as he has been the last 16 years.

However , his final game last night against the Trailblazers was like watching him in every playoff he has ever been in. LeBron has participated in about 14 playoffs and he has never lost in the first round. Last nights game proved his heart was in it to win. Anthony Davis was right there with LeBron scoring 43 points. All of my doubts and hesitations of Anthony has went away. I never thought I would see the day where I loved watching someone playing with LeBron as much as I loved watching Kyrie. Anthony is growing on me !

All bets are on the Lakers getting into the finals ! The Lakers will face either Oaklahoma Thunder or the Houston Rockets once their battle is completed.

Let’s Go Lakers !!!

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