Dak Prescott’s injury update and return timeline !

Last Sunday the Dallas Cowboys quarterback had a very scary injury. Dak Prescott has been the Dallas Cowboys quarterback for just a few years. He is 27 years old. I will never forget the first time I seen him. I was new to watching the Cowboys. I began watching the Cowboys when Eziekel Elliott was recruited there after playing with Ohio State. Elliott was so good that I decided to follow him where ever his journey would lead him. I was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio and I had a feeling Elliott wouldn’t sign with the Cleveland Browns.

Elliott signed with the Dallas Cowboys. I had to get accustomed to all the players on the Cowboys and decided this is the team I am going to watch every week and root for. Dak certainly caught my attention. Not only is he extremely good looking but he has a heart of gold.

I began watching his interviews. Dak’s real name is actually Rayne Dakota Prescott. He was born as a biracial child. His mother is white and his father is black. His mother died with breast cancer when Dak was around 20 years old. Dak does a lot of fundraising for breast cancer awareness. You can purchase hats , t shirts , and perfume that reminds Dak of his moms favorite scents and all proceeds go to breast cancer research. You can purchase any of those memorabilia’s on Dak Prescott’s official website Dakties.com.

I have often seen Dak raise his finger to the sky after making a touchdown and I always wondered what it meant. I later learned that he is pointing to the sky to his mother. If that doesn’t make your heart melt I don’t know what does. Dak is always so polite and humble in interviews and he loves to toss a ball to the interviewer. I have seen a few interviews where he asks the person interviewing him if they would like to go out and catch a few balls. One interviewer told Dak he is horrible at sports and felt embarrassed to try to catch the ball and Dak said “ all you have to do is run down the field a little and I will do all the rest “. With a huge smile the interviewer ran down the field and caught the ball.

Dak has had to deal with quite a bit heartbreaks in his lifetime. Not only did his mother die from breast cancer a few years ago but his oldest brother Jace committed suicide in April of 2020. Dak has recently come out in an interview telling the world that sometimes he gets very sad. Sometimes he just feels so down that it’s hard for him to go to practice. He admitted his depression kicked in around the time of the pandemic and then lingered as his brother passed away. Dak was telling the world that sometimes he has a hard time and is struggling with life. Dak has also started fundraising for mental health.

FOX Sports host Skip Bayless made a statement that he thought Dak speaking about his depression made him look weak to his teammates and the world. Skip Bayless said the quarterback from America’s team should never show weakness to his teammates.

I think Skip Bayless was heartless and should think before he speaks. In my opinion Dak looks even stronger to come out and say “ hey , some days I’m not ok , and some days I do struggle “. Dak could be helping so many others who are going through the same thing. I applaud Daks courage , integrity, and for just being human.

Dak has also had a rough couple years when dealing with the Cowboys contracts. Dak has been severely underpaid the last couple years as the quarterback and this year he found himself in the middle of contract negotiations . There were a few contracts presented to Dak and he decided to not sign a deal and instead go the franchise tag route. I am still learning exactly what a franchise tag is but from what I do know , Dak is a free agent March of 2021.

Dak suffered a dislocated , compound fracture of the ankle. He had surgery Sunday night that I heard went very well and he is now home resting. Dak will be out the rest of the season . His expected recovery is 4-6 months. He should be able and ready to play again next fall. This leaves a huge question on his career.

Will the Dallas Cowboys owner still renegotiate a contract with Dak for next season ? Will Dak make a full recovery and be as spectacular as he was before this injury. Dak’s entire career is on the line from this one horrific injury.

As he was carted off the field after breaking his ankle I could see tears of uncertainty in his eyes. I’m sure at that very moment he was seeing his entire career in jeopardy. The last flash of the camera I seen him look up at the sky , kiss his hand and he pointed to the sky. He knew his mom was looking down on him. He was telling her he is strong. He will get through this.

If you haven’t heard of Dak Prescott or watched him in action , you should check out a few videos of him on YouTube. His interviews are always with a smile. He loves the sport. He loves people and he loves being a part of the Dallas Cowboys franchise. I wish him a speedy recovery and I will be waiting for him with open arms next season ! My prayers are with you Dak !!! Your biggest fan

XoXo ,

Christina !

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