Holiday Quarantine !

How has your holiday been affected from COVID-19? Have you been isolated from friends and family ? Has it been hard getting out of bed in the morning because the feeling of your life’s purpose has diminished ?

This Thanksgiving I have decided to spend it without the gatherings of large family groups. I didn’t want to risk getting the infection or spreading it to others. I have decided to take this time for self reflection. Am I happy where I am right now in life ? Do I feel like I need a change to grow ?

The answer is no and yes. I am not happy where I am in life. I feel like a much needed change needs to happen ……soon. I feel like I’m stuck in limbo between doing what will make me happy versus what will surely affect others. That is what life is all about right ??? Chances ?

I am currently working on my third book. Another haunting thriller that takes a few twist and turns. As I sit here and write this I am thinking how many of my family members are unsupportive of my writing. None of them read much anyways. So when I get excited about my new book I feel like my friends and coworkers are 100 times more supportive and excited then my own family. I think my cats are more excited and supportive then my family. Sometimes I feel like the outsider in my family. I feel like I have different passions in life. I love the creative process of writing. I love the make believe of it all. I love the designing of the covers , the editing process and when the finished product is presented to me I sometimes take a step back and look at it , not believing what I just accomplished.

I also love to travel. I have been to almost every state in the US ( Maine being next on my radar after quarantine is over ). I love hiking in the parks and tasting new foods . I absolutely love road trips. I love driving peacefully on the highway with all the windows down and music blaring.

A girl can daydream for now cant she ?

Getting back to this quarantine holiday. I am also thinking of self isolating for Christmas. Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year . However , the virus is increasing heavily by numbers every day. I don’t think I want to risk catching it or passing it to others for one night of fun. I think this year will be a drive to everyone’s house to exchange gifts . Hopefully next Christmas will be a little more festive.

In fact , as I was driving home after work yesterday I was thinking of what I was doing at this same time last year. Last year I was having Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family and Black Friday shopping with my sister. After our shopping spree we went to Applebeees for a late night snack and stayed out until 2 am. Then a few weeks later we went to Atlantic City to see Mariah Carey’s Christmas show. I had planned on seeing this years Mariah Christmas show but it was never planned. Thanks Covid. This virus has really put a damper on life.

However , it has given me more time to complete my third book.

I hope everyone is staying safe. Continue to social distance yourself , stay away from large crowds , wear a mask , wash hands , and continue to keep Lysol as your best friend. Hope everyone had a great holiday !

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