LeBron James extends contract for two more seasons with LA Lakers !!!

I am so excited to see LeBron for another 3 seasons !!! Just when I thought 2020 was over and I couldn’t possibly have anything good come from this ….. I get the news that LeBron will remain a Laker until summer of 2023.

As if winning his 4th championship wasn’t enough glory for me , I get to watch him another 3 seasons !

I have also learned that Anthony Davis has signed 5 more seasons with the LA Lakers which means I get 3 more seasons of the dynamic duo. I honestly didn’t think anyone could have my heart like Kyrie and LeBron did on those joyous nights of watching them win that Cleveland championship that I will never forget. However , Anthony has more then proven he is a perfect fit to play right along with the best NBA player we have ever seen in history. ( sorry Jordan fans ).

Cant wait for this horrible year of 2020 to be behind us and I look forward to a new year where I feel some big changes coming my way. I have a great feeling about LeBron in 2021.

I am also excited to see Kyrie and Kevin Durant playing together with the Brooklyn Nets. If they can stay injury free that is. Both of those players seem to be on the injured list quite a bit. However , I will be checking them out as well !

The beginning of the NBA season starts this Wednesday, December 22! So make sure you check out the LA Lakers take on the LA Clippers as the seasons first game ( post pre season ). Go LAKERS !!!!

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