Covid Blues ?

Tired of being inside ? Tired of wearing masks ? Tired of running away from people coughing ? Tired of worrying about Covid germs being on your groceries ? Tired of wondering if that headache or congestion is Covid ?

Tired of not being able to do things you use to do such as attend a sporting event ? Go to the movies ? Sit down with a nice cup of hot coffee at the coffee shop as you browse your computer ? Tired of getting take out instead of sitting in a restaurant ?

Tired of football games being cancelled or delayed because players caught Covid ? Tired of worrying about going to your doctors appointment wondering if the seats , doorknobs , elevator buttons , and dressing rooms have been disinfected ?

Tired of feeling alone and in isolation ? Tired of feeling like a prisoner?

That is me !

While I love being alone sometimes , (because let’s face it , people can be pretty annoying ), I do feel alone sometimes. Sure I go to work and continue to do my grocery shopping and run some errands but I have felt that my isolation has lasted long enough.

I am ready to walk in the stores without my mask. I am ready to enjoy my coffee as I browse shops instead of enjoying it in my car.

However , 2019 wasn’t a total waste for me. I have picked up extra hours at work and I completed my third book Shadows of Her that is my best work yet ! I have spent a little more time reading and writing. I started a new podcast. I have been cooking at home more. I have learned new recipes and how to make lattes at home that taste pretty darn good !

I have also had the time to contemplate the changes that are coming in my life in 2021. For everyone out there feeling blue about Covid , try to use this time to self reflect and maybe try new things that you thought you never would !

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