Pittsburg Steelers out of the 2021 playoffs. Loses to the Cleveland Browns !

The game will be over in less then 3 minutes but I thought I would share the news now . The Pittsburg Steelers lost to the Cleveland Browns. I thought I would never see the day of that happening. I guess it didn’t help that Ben Rothlisberger threw 4 interceptions.

I should have known how the game would end just by watching the first two minutes of the game. The Steelers lost the ball a few seconds after kickoff and the Browns ran into the end zone. I sat there watching my tv asking what happened because I blinked and missed it. Then they replayed it about 4 times because it was so unbelievable. Better luck next year Steelers !

I also found out today that JuJu is a free agent. I wonder if he will move on from the Steelers.

Congratulations Cleveland ! Maybe that city will have another championship. LeBron got the first one for the city. Maybe the Browns will get the next !

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