LeBron James scores 46 points as Lakers defeat Cleveland Cavaliers

If you thought he was slowing down at the age of 36 and in his 18th season you would be wrong !

Father Time isn’t catching up with this superman. Tonight Lebron was all over the court ending the night with 46 points , 6 assists and 8 rebounds. Sure he was a ball hog tonight but I will let that slide since he holds the record of the most assists in NBA history.

Andre Drummond was the highest scorer for the Cleveland CAVS tonight as he ended the game with 25 points , 1 assist and 17 rebounds. Lucky for the CAVS Andre was under that hoop ready to snatch that ball all 17 times. Osman ended the night with a solid 20 points and Sexton ended with 17 points.

Let’s just say LeBron has never disappointed me. I am just feeling sorry for myself as I can’t see him play live thanks to COVID-19. I am still grateful I can watch him on ESPN but it’s not the same watching his dunks , fade aways and scoring Triple doubles on tv as it is live.

The next game comes this Wednesday as the Lakers take on the 76ers. That will be a pretty good matchup as the 76ers have won 12 games this season and the Lakers have won 13. The game will be broadcasted on ESPN .

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