Kyrie, Durant , Harden the perfect trio ! Nets defeat Warriors !

Brooklyn Nets defeat the Golden State Warriors ! I didn’t think the trio of Kyrie , Kevin , and James would be as spectacular as they were Saturday night , but they proved me wrong ! The Brooklyn Nets scored 134. The Warriors had 117.

James Harden is known to be a ball hog. Kyrie Irving is known to be a ball hog. Kevin Durant is known for just being a great all around player. However , Durant doesn’t like to be held back either and I was expecting the three of them to fight over who would be the king of the court.

This game proved me wrong ! Those three passed the ball and seemed to really connect on the court. Sure the Nets had more then a few turnovers in the game but they stayed steady as they were ahead most of the game.

What going on with the Warriors is my big question. Steph Curry is still dominating the game with his awesome 3 point shots , but I didn’t really see any of his other teammates play with the same enthusiasm. The Warriors seemed like rookies with their missed shots , stepping out of bounds and poor defense.

The Warriors haven’t been the same since Kevin Durant’s exit and Klay Thompson’s Achilles injury . Stephen Curry was definitely missing that other solid shooter . The greatness of the Warriors that we witnessed in 2017-2019 is long gone.

Congratulations Brooklyn Nets for another solid win. The Nets are sitting at number 3 in the Eastern conference and the Warriors at a steady 8 in the Western conference.

I am excited to finally see the Nets play the LA Lakers this coming Thursday night . However , as much as I love watching Kyrie , my heart is bigger for LeBron !

You can catch the Brooklyn Nets play against the LA Lakers this Thursday at 10 pm Eastern time on TNT!

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