LeBron James season ending injury hurts the LA Lakers

Unless you have been living under a rock you probably heard the story. LeBron ended Saturdays game with an upper ankle sprain. The timeline for his return is indefinite. The average timeframe for upper ankle sprains recovery is 3-4 months with extensive therapy. Some people with similar injuries can take up to a year to fully heal.

So , where does that leave the Lakers ? Are they still one of the top west coast teams to compete for the championship this year ? The Warriors seem to be a lost cause. When Kevin Durant left the team for the Brooklyn Nets they never been the same. Sure Steph Curry can score 45 points a game but he seems to be quite injury prone . Draymond Green certainly can’t keep that team afloat.

LA Clippers ranked number 8 as of last week in the NBA. I guess there is hope with Leonard and Paul George if Paul can keep his mouth shut for 2 minutes about lying refs. The LA Lakers stood at a strong ranking of number 5 last week . The number 1 ranked team in the NBA comes to no surprise. The Brooklyn Nets. The Brooklyn Nets have the dream team of Kyrie Irving , Kevin Durant and James Harden.

Without LeBron , the Lakers are doomed. I see their rank from number 5 fall drastically. Anthony Davis is also out on injury with an Achilles issue. Those two guys hold that team together. Sure their are some good players on that team but without LeBron and Anthony , that dream of a championship for the Lakers this year seems pretty far fetched.

I pray for a speedy recovery for LeBron. As I am sitting here writing this I come to realization that LeBron has two more years left on his contract and we are slowly seeing the decline of the GOAT in the NBA. Sorry Jordan fans , but LeBron has swooshed his way to the number one NBA player of all time. This is LeBrons third injury that leaves him off the court more then a couple of weeks. He had an ankle injury with the Miami Heat that left him out for weeks. His second big injury was two seasons ago with the LA Lakers as he suffered a groin strain that left him out from Dec through the rest of the season. This Saturday was injury number 3 that will have him out for the rest of the season.

Next season LeBron. Next Season !

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