DAK Prescott’s PHENOMENAL return !

If you have waited almost a year to see Dak Prescott out in the field again then you were not disappointed!

Dak looked like his former self , if not even better then I remembered. The Dallas Cowboys opened this season in Tampa Florida to face Tom Brady and the rest of the Buccaneers.

To be honest , I didn’t have much faith in Dallas. I thought at least they get the toughest team out of the way. Let’s face it , Tom Brady isn’t talked about being the LeBron James of football for no reason.

Everyone knows Tom Brady is probably one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. I am not a Brady fan but I can’t deny his throws are pretty smooth.

I wasn’t watching this game to watch Tom Brady. All I wanted was to see Dak Prescott’s return. I thought he would be a little rusty since his devastating ankle injury that could have been a career ender had him in rehab for months then he injured his shoulder during pre season practice. Dak hasn’t had much chance to practice since his injury and facing Tom Brady on his return sure didn’t help.

I also was more then happy to see Zeke Elliott again. However , Zeke had a terrible season last year. The Cowboys made a lot of changes to their roster as well leaving me little hope of any kind of scoring. I prayed Dallas wouldn’t be a complete shut out. I prayed the Cowboys would at least score one touch down or a kick. I thought the score would be the Buccaneers 60 and Dallas 0.

However , I was proved wrong. I don’t think Dak could have had a better return. He looked absolutely amazing out there throwing the ball far down the field without hesitation. He even ran with the ball a few times when he couldn’t find someone to throw it to fast enough. Each time he ran as the Buccaneers were swiftly gaining inches behind him , I held my breath . I held my breath while saying a prayer for his angels to protect him .

However , Dak was right where he always wanted to be. Dak was running across that field with his Cowboys without hesitation. He was fully aware and confident of what he is capable of. I noticed Zeke block the Buccaneers as they tried to inch closer to Dak to tackle him but Dak knew his teammates were behind him. He didn’t have to look backwards to see. He felt his friends and faith surrounding him last night. He felt the heart of his fans with every step and throw he took. . This was his night. HE was the shining star last night.

Honestly , the Cowboys would have won if the kicker made half his kicks. However , Zuerlein had previous back surgery and missed practice and the ability to play in the pre season. His kicks were awful but it probably had to do with recovering from his recent back surgery.

The ending score was 29 to 31. Dallas lost by two points. Dak may be disappointed with the loss but he has got to be proud of his plays. I seen a glimpse of the Dak Prescott I fell in love with a few years ago and I have a feeling this is going to be a phenomenal year for Dak. We are all rooting for him !


Christina !

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