Dallas Cowboys make playoffs !!

If you are a fan of the Dallas Cowboys you already know they made it ! Their final season game is tomorrow as they take on the Washington Commanders.

How far will they make it in the playoffs ? I think there are a few teams that will definitely give them a run for their money.

Kansas City Chiefs will be very hard to beat. Mahomes definitely has the luck of a four leaf clover as he seems to easily glide into the top spot over the last few years.

Then there is Tom Brady. Everyone knows him. The LeBron of football. No matter what is going on with his life he seems to always get ahead. I think he has 5 Super Bowl rings ? I thought sharing was caring. Apparently he doesn’t share.

I feel like any time Brady is playing it will just be an automatic embarrassment for the other team. However , you can’t ALWAYS be at the top. Sooner or later someone’s turn to shine appears. Will it be this year ?

I’m rooting for Dallas. This is Daks time . I can feel it. He has lost way to much in his life but just keeps pressing on. He gives thanks to the lord and his mom watching above who I know is rooting for him every step of the way !

Stay tuned for the Dallas Cowboys prevail !

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