Justice for JR update !

I have been absent for awhile. So many things have preoccupied my mind in these last few weeks since I posted about LeBron leaving Cleveland and signing with the LA Lakers. I started a new job. I also seen videos and read about the most disturbing murder.  I recently wrote a blog about Justice for Junior. He was an innocent 15 year old stabbed repeatedly by 5 gang members . The gang members are known as the  Trinitarios . The Trinitarios are guys who formed a gang from the Dominican Republic. They are wide spread in the New York Bronx area and are known to stab others with knives and machetes.  Of course they are to much of a coward to fight one on one so they come at you with 10-20 members . They find you when you are alone and hack you up. They will stab at night or daylight. They will stab you on a quiet street or near a busy intersection. They don’t care. They use knives and machetes because they say “ you run out of bullets , but you don’t run out of stabs”!

The story of Junior just sticks in my mind and I can’t quite get the images out of my head after I watched the horrible video of the way 5 grown men all 19 and older repeadly hacked at his torso and neck as Juniors blood spilled all the way down his legs in gallons. Then the store owners who kicked him out of the store because they didn’t want anything to do with those gang members and those machetes , didn’t even have the decency to hold pressure on Juniors neck as he bled and bled and begged the store owners to help him after the attack. Instead the store owners told him to run down the block to the hospital. Junior , a 15 year old child ran toward the hospital but didn’t make it. He lost to much blood. If you run with a huge stab wound to the carotid artery it just pumps the blood out faster. He lost more blood running. He is now in heaven .

The NYPD has worked non stop to find every single gang member involved. There wasn’t just 5 gang members who stabbed him involved , but so were the drivers . There were cameras on the streets , outside the store where Junior was stabbed and inside the store. Many of the gangs faces and car plates were seen on camera. There is also one gang member you can clearly see walk into the store , but you never see him walk out. You don’t see him dragging  Junior out of the store and you don’t see him stabbing Junior. He is the one in the Black T-shirt and black hat in this video :

There are rumors that he noticed a lot of cameras before the attack and he yelled to all of the others that cameras are out , we should leave. He left while the others carried on with the attack. He caught a flight to the Dominican Republic because he knew everything was on camera and his face along with the other gang members would be seen nationally. There are rumors his mother turned him in to the police and he is cooperating telling the NYPD everyone’s name who was involved in this murder from the killers , the drivers, and those who ordered the attack. The NYPD has arrested about 13 suspects involved in this case. One of them include the Trinitarios gang leader.

The first video above shows the court hearing where all of the suspects plead not guilty. I’m not sure why because all of their faces are all over cameras and videos. Five of the gang members were charged with first degree murder while the rest are charged with second degree murder. As of right now , those lawyers who are defending the gang members have until October to gather anything they can to help their case. In that first video you can clearly see the first two gang members who were brought out smirking or laughing as they walked in.


I will give updates on the Justice for Junior trial as it happens .

LeBron James says goodbye to Cleveland … new beginnings

4444730899 (1)It took me awhile to write this. I just didn’t have it in me to say goodbye to the one NBA player who made my miserable work days tolerable.

Nothing better then an 8 pm game watching LeBron score triple doubles , block shots , and easily make that clutch shot in those final seconds of the game. If you are from Cleveland you know what his billboard means to the city.

Now , it’s all said and done. LeBron has just signed a four year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers with a no trade clause inked in. He will retire in the NBA as a Laker. As I read comments on Facebook and Twitter I’m noticing some angry fans screaming that he will never take Kobe’s place. I can admit in all fairness , the Laker fans have a point. I don’t think too many kind words would be said about Kevin Durant or Steph Curry or any other great player who came to Cleveland and thought for one second they could just walk on to the Q’s court and have their picture up on a giant billboard in downtown Cleveland. LeBron has to much history there. I don’t think any other sports player who ever played for Cleveland has that same kind of love.

Now I say goodbye to his billboard that has been covering the Sherwin-Williams building for 4 years . Now I say goodbye to the weekly late night CAVS games , because let’s face it, I only became a basketball fan after watching LeBron. Sure I fell in love with Kyrie , JR Smith , Kevin Love , and Tristian Thompson along the way , but it just doesn’t feel right watching a CAVS game without LeBron.

As all good things come to an end , I am also saying goodbye to the number 23. LeBrons Jersey is expected to be retired soon . Who can possibly wear that number like a badge of honor after LeBron .

It’s been a great 11 years LeBron played in Cleveland ( 4 in Miami ) . It’s been the most awesome 2016 when LeBron lead the CAVS to that championship that Cleveland has not seen in over 50 years . Thank you LeBron for bringing me so much fun and joy in Cleveland . Thank you for for coming back to Cleveland and delivering your promise. You will always be welcomed in Cleveland !

See you in Los Angeles!


LeBron James in free agency Sunday

1018EA69-00AF-4E21-915C-FBC0DFE6EFD3The time has come . The finals are over and LeBron is planning his next move. LeBron has decided to go into free agency Sunday. What does that mean for LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers ?

LeBron going into free agency doesn’t mean he is not signing with the CAVS. He can still square away a deal with them. I think he is waiting to see what kind of play maker superstar MVP will join him . He needs someone great. He needs someone who is not afraid to be aggressive and make those shots. Many players on that team have proven to be less then mediocre when it comes to actually making a bucket. I was disappointed in JRs performance in the playoffs and finals. I seen him make about 30 three point shots in practice but when it came time to really make those shots….. he failed.

I was also disappointed with Hills performance in the playoffs and finals. He almost seemed like he was scared to shoot . He had several open shot opportunities , but failed to shoot . I am not even going to talk about the disaster of Clarkson. The one surprising player was Hood. Hood was not given many minutes in the finals but when he finally got to play it was like the Incredible Hulk was unleashed.

Now back to LeBron. Cleveland loves him. Kyrie even admitted before LeBron came back to Cleveland , the Q arena would be half empty. When LeBron returned to Cleveland the stadium was sold out every night. Kyrie said it was crazy the impact LeBron has on Cleveland. However , LeBron has a free pass to move on. Everyone is saying if he leaves they are fully supporting him because he delivered on his promise. He gave Cleveland its first championship the city has ever seen in over 50 years. LeBron gave Cleveland one heck of a stellar performance this season as he played every single night and played well over the minutes any other player in the NBA has played. LeBron was putting up crazy numbers. In fact , his numbers and stats out scored Harden who was this years MVP. LeBron was robbed of that MVP award , but that’s another blog I might touch upon later.

For now I wait. We wait. Everyone waits on LeBrons move . Afterall , he is going to have to play with one hell of a team to dethrone the Warriors next season.

Here is a video about LeBrons free agency :

Justice for JR. 15 year old killed by gang members due to mistaken identity. Thoughts.

Last week , a young boy who was just 15 years old was brutally stabbed with machetes by five gang members who held him down , slit his throat and repeatedly stabbed him until he was soaked in blood and shortly later died

It all started with the young 15 year old whose name is JR , went outside down the street to pay his friend 5.00. As he made his way down the street around midnight , he was approached by several gang members who screamed at about posting a sex tape of one of the gangs members sisters. As they shouted the name of the guy they were looking for , ( per reports ), JR ran into a store that was open and begged the owner of the store to tell the gang members what his name was to clear him because he had been going to that store since he was very little and the store owner knew him. . The gang members told the store owner to stay out of it or else. There were about three other people in the store ( maybe owners , employees, or shoppers ) at the time of the incident. The owner of the store stood back as a few of the gang members dragged JR out of the store by his hoodie , held him down and repeatedly stabbed him. There are apartments on top of the store and people were filming it and by passers walking away quickly.

No one stopped to help this 15 year old who was being brutally attacked. After the several stabs , the gang members quickly ran to different cars and sped away.  JR went back to the store to plead for help , the store owners never opened the doors to help him, never called 911. Basically ignored the entire situation. JR was able to stumble down the street toward the hospital.  However , he collapsed a few feet in front of the hospital . Someone passing by seen him , called for help and tried to cover his bleeding neck .  It was to late. JR lost to much blood and died .

One question that still  lingers  in my thoughts is “ who was the supposed friend who called him close to midnight to request 5.00”?  Afterall , several gang members ( at least 10 shown on several videos ) were all ready with their knives and machetes ready to attack. Sounds like a total set up to me.

Later , I read the sister of one of the gang members ( who was in the leaked sex tape) told her brother ( who is one of the 5 guys who was stabbing JR) that JR was the one who leaked the tape. She blatantly lied about it because her boyfriend looks very similar to JR. So she put the blame on an innocent boy because she didn’t want her boyfriend to be the one killed. Then she had the nerve to make a statement on social media that she was innocent because she wasn’t the one  who  did the actual stabbing. She clearly has a twisted way of thinking.  She didn’t think about JRs well being for two seconds. She knew JR through the NYPD explorer program that they both attended.

The gang violence in NY is a huge problem . There are a few more recent stories of 15 and 16 year olds being attached by gangs . I’m not sure why the parents of J.R. allowed him to go outside at that time of night knowing the high crime in south side Bronx .

Here is a video of the story of the gangs member sister who lied


This story is just heartbreaking. There are videos on YouTube that actually show a pretty clear picture of the gang members hacking away at him. Jr had to have been  so confused and frightened not knowing why he was being stabbed so violently.

There is another video of the neighborhood setting out candle , bears , and praying for JRs family and praying JR has found peace in heaven. Then the candles just start falling and rolling around with many people saying JR is still very angry at the way he died and by passers walking by , people recording the incident , store owner locking his doors. Jr was left to defend himself against several people stabbing him relentlessly and he was left to die.

Every time I watch these videos or read about it online , I just start to tear up and wonder why there is so much evil in the world.



The NYPD recently announced there have been several arrests and still more to come.

Ridiculous ! Kyrie Irving !

Kyrie Irving has finally come out with a song!  I have heard Kyrie sing a few times on YouTube and I read he sings with his church choir.  He has a new movie coming out titled Uncle Drew that is coming out this Friday so get your tickets !

His new song Ridiculous is for his movie Uncle Drew so don’t look so deep into it . The song doesn’t really showcase his vocals . It’s a cute little song anyways  . So go to the movies and check out Uncle Drew this weekend !



My favorite Youtubers !

Who doesn’t love to watch YouTube ? There is so much to watch from muckbangs, makeup tutorials, hair tutorials, celebrity interviews , and comedy.

I’m going to make a list of my top 5 Youtubers who always put a smile on my face.

One of my favorite Youtubers is Trisha Paytas. She is hilarious , over the top , and sloppy , but for some reason she takes my mind off of the bad days I have been having lately. She is definitely in my top two favorites. Trisha is famous for her muckbangs, crying on her kitchen floor , being on Dr. Phil and Celebrity Big Brother UK.

The second Youtuber I would love to give a shout out to is Carrie Dayton.
Carrie always has story times. Her stories are heartfelt , hilarious, and just quite relatable.

The third Youtuber I want to acknowledge is Shane Dawson. Shane has stories of conspiracy theories , going to haunted places like haunted hotels and cementaries. If you are having a bad day , just click on one of his videos. It will surely make you smile. Did I mention he is friends with Trisha Paytas and they sometimes collaborate on videos ?

The fourth Youtuber I want to talk about is Niki DeMar. I have just started watching Niki so I am a new viewer to her channel. She has a twin sister named Gabbi. They each have their own channel and another channel together called Niki and Gabi. In my opinion Niki is more down to earth and edgy. Her sister Gabi is a little more fancy or likes the high life I guess you can say. I am a subscriber to all of their channels but I do enjoy watching Niki more.

I had to save the best for last. The number 5 Youtuber I want to mention is Da Kid Gowie. How he doesn’t have 20 million subscribers is beyond me. There is nothing funnier then his LeBron James impressions. I’m going to link a few videos of him below. Enjoy !