A little about me …..My favorite music !!

It has been awhile since I have blogged. Uninspired ? Apprehensive?

However , I came across one of the best R&B groups that I have ever heard tonight. As I was browsing on YouTube I came across H-Town. H-Town is a 90s R&B group from Houston , Texas. H -Towns most well known song ( and my personal favorite ) is Knockin Da Boots

Those soulful voices just make me melt and put me in dreamland. What some people may not know is the lead singer in the group Dino was killed in a car accident in 2003. The remaining two members Shazam and GI still tour across the US .

I love the 90s R&B. Sometimes I wonder if I was in a group in one of my past lives because it just doesn’t get better then that 90s R&B.

I am also a huge fan of Shai. One of my favorite songs of all time :

How about Tevin Campbell ? Anyone remember him ? This is one of my favorite tracks by Tevin …

Last but not least …. one of my favorite tracks today is by R&B group PM Dawn . I could listen to I’d Die without you 100 times a day and never get tired of it . Such a beautiful song . Enjoy !!

LeBron James debut as a Laker

I was super excited to see LeBron play his first pre season game with the Lakers last night. I was only able to catch a few minutes of the game because the people I was with was already watching the Pittsburgh Steelers game.

Let’s just say it was more exciting to watch LeBron. He only played about 15 minutes but just seeing him in his Lakers uniform and in action gave me the same chills I had watching him for 15 seasons ago.  It is pretty weird to see him in purple instead of blue , but at least I get another year to watch this beast on the court.

I have to get use to watching a whole new team again. The only other players on the Lakers team that I am familiar with is Stephenson and Ball. The only reason I am familiar with Lonzo Ball is because his dad has a mouth that is bigger than LeBrons career. I can’t say I am to excited to see Lonzo’s dad screaming at the sidelines and telling everyone how his son is already better than LeBron and Jordan combined. Yeah , I will just ignore that last sentence as well 🤐.

NBA regular season starts in about 15 days. I have tickets to see LeBron on his return to Cleveland November 21. I am so exited to see if LeBron can lead the Lakers to the finals just as he did the CAVS and the Heat. It’s going to be an interesting year 🤗

EMINEM drops new album and scores his 9th consecutive number one album on billboard….Kamikaze interview part 1

Finally something that brings my interest back ! Eminem just dropped his 9th studio album quietly ( sort of ) . He did this without promotion or warning but like a Hurricane it debuted at number one on the billboard charts. The album has mixed reviews. Some say it’s a lyrical mess and question weather he still has what it takes after being in the game for 20 years. Others say Shady is back !

From what I heard , shady is definitely back. Eminem goes full throttle on his album bashing his critics , mumble rap , Drake , and Machine Gun Kelly . He also makes fun of himself on a few tracks.  I have not heard the entire album yet but from what I heard I definitely feel the Slim Shady vibe I felt with “ my name is “.

Its worth a listen !

Eminem just sat down with Sway for his first interview where he talks about his new album Kamikaze and rivals in the industry. Take a peek at part one of the interview here. Part two coming soon !

What makes you happy ?

What makes you happy ? That is a question I was asked a few days ago. I took a second to think about it . As a million thoughts blew through my mind , I became aware that at that moment ….. I wasn’t really happy. I am currently out of town for work. I’m not happy with my job. I am not happy at the hotel I am staying at. I am not happy in the city I am currently living for 3 months. I am not happy that I am not home . I am not happy that I have not seen my pets and family for awhile. So what do I do about it ?

I am the most content when I am home. Near familiarity. In my condo with everyone and everything that reminds me of where I came from. I have not even written a blog for a month. I have had zero inspiration.

I was watching a YouTube video on Jeffrey Star. If you had not heard about him you should check him out. He is a beauty guru who started from the bottom and has become a millionaire by hard work and his love of cosmetics. It got me really thinking of my career. What I’m doing with my life. Why am I still working in a career that I absolutely hate ? Answer ??? Bills !! Mortgage ! Food ! ……. but …. what about my happiness ?

What makes me happy ? What can I do for the rest of my life that will not make me dread waking up in the morning or dread going into work ? I feel like I have wasted YEARS wanting the days to hurry up so the weekend would arrive because I didn’t have to work. What really blows my mind is how long I have stayed in such an unhappy place. I remember when I was scheduled to have a major surgery I sat down with my physician to discuss all of the pros and cons of my surgery and my recovery time …..I only focused on my recovery time. As he sat in front of me and told me the minimum recovery time for this surgery was 6 weeks and maybe longer …..all I could think about was the 6 weeks I would be off work. Forget about the possibility of me heavily bleeding during the surgery , the possibility of having hysterectomy , the possibility of death ….well all that was just overshadowed by the instant joy I felt of having 6 weeks off of work !

Something is definitely wrong here. I should have been way more concerned with the surgery than having time off of work.

The problem is I didn’t know what to do with myself. There were bills and responsibilities I had as an adult. Sometimes I really hate being an adult.

One day I went to see an academic advisor. As we sat in this large room that echoed , the advisor asked me what could he help me with. I said I hate my career. I chose the wrong one. I need to start over but I don’t know what to do with myself. I could hear the ticking of the clock and wondered when he was going to respond. Then he finally spoke up and said ” if you could do anything you wanted , be anything you wanted , what is the first thing that pops in your head? It took me about a half of a second to blurt out ” I want to be the next Stephen King “. My advisor looked a little surprised . He smiled and said ” so you love to write ? “. I said yes. I have since I was a little girl. He said I was in the wrong school looking at the wrong programs. I looked down at all of the IT information that was in my hands. I was a little confused because I didn’t think a writer could make enough money to make ends meet unless you were actually Stephen King.

I took some time for myself to really think about what I actually like and how I can incorporate that into my life and make a career out of it. I have some ideas and I am slowly working on the process of getting into Social media marketing. Without getting into too much boring details about the process , I will just say I am working on it. I have a vision and I know it will just take some time to put it in place.

Until then …. I am hanging on by a thin rope.

Here is the video that has Inspired me. Maybe it will inspire you too !

Justice for JR update !

I have been absent for awhile. So many things have preoccupied my mind in these last few weeks since I posted about LeBron leaving Cleveland and signing with the LA Lakers. I started a new job. I also seen videos and read about the most disturbing murder.  I recently wrote a blog about Justice for Junior. He was an innocent 15 year old stabbed repeatedly by 5 gang members . The gang members are known as the  Trinitarios . The Trinitarios are guys who formed a gang from the Dominican Republic. They are wide spread in the New York Bronx area and are known to stab others with knives and machetes.  Of course they are to much of a coward to fight one on one so they come at you with 10-20 members . They find you when you are alone and hack you up. They will stab at night or daylight. They will stab you on a quiet street or near a busy intersection. They don’t care. They use knives and machetes because they say “ you run out of bullets , but you don’t run out of stabs”!

The story of Junior just sticks in my mind and I can’t quite get the images out of my head after I watched the horrible video of the way 5 grown men all 19 and older repeadly hacked at his torso and neck as Juniors blood spilled all the way down his legs in gallons. Then the store owners who kicked him out of the store because they didn’t want anything to do with those gang members and those machetes , didn’t even have the decency to hold pressure on Juniors neck as he bled and bled and begged the store owners to help him after the attack. Instead the store owners told him to run down the block to the hospital. Junior , a 15 year old child ran toward the hospital but didn’t make it. He lost to much blood. If you run with a huge stab wound to the carotid artery it just pumps the blood out faster. He lost more blood running. He is now in heaven .

The NYPD has worked non stop to find every single gang member involved. There wasn’t just 5 gang members who stabbed him involved , but so were the drivers . There were cameras on the streets , outside the store where Junior was stabbed and inside the store. Many of the gangs faces and car plates were seen on camera. There is also one gang member you can clearly see walk into the store , but you never see him walk out. You don’t see him dragging  Junior out of the store and you don’t see him stabbing Junior. He is the one in the Black T-shirt and black hat in this video :

There are rumors that he noticed a lot of cameras before the attack and he yelled to all of the others that cameras are out , we should leave. He left while the others carried on with the attack. He caught a flight to the Dominican Republic because he knew everything was on camera and his face along with the other gang members would be seen nationally. There are rumors his mother turned him in to the police and he is cooperating telling the NYPD everyone’s name who was involved in this murder from the killers , the drivers, and those who ordered the attack. The NYPD has arrested about 13 suspects involved in this case. One of them include the Trinitarios gang leader.

The first video above shows the court hearing where all of the suspects plead not guilty. I’m not sure why because all of their faces are all over cameras and videos. Five of the gang members were charged with first degree murder while the rest are charged with second degree murder. As of right now , those lawyers who are defending the gang members have until October to gather anything they can to help their case. In that first video you can clearly see the first two gang members who were brought out smirking or laughing as they walked in.


I will give updates on the Justice for Junior trial as it happens .