It was the Kyrie Irving Show ! NBA playoffs Pacers against Celtics …Kyrie highlights

Kyrie Irving ! If you don’t know him by now you really need to tune in ! Kyrie is at his prime and living his dream as he competes for his second championship ring. He is probably today’s best ball handler in the NBA. His clutch shots are ridiculous and let’s just say if I could choose any point guard in the league , without a doubt , I would choose Kyrie.

I have watched Kyrie from the beginning with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He has really grown on me. He just gets better and better with each passing year. In fact , my favorite years of watching basketball have been watching Kyrie play with LeBron. If you scroll through my prior posts you will clearly see LeBron has a huge place in my heart ( just like Kyrie ).

Sure I was angry when Kyrie requested a trade . Why would anyone WANT to leave Cleveland and LeBron after making it to 3 consecutive trips to the finals? Actually, if Kyrie would have stayed in Cleveland he would have made it to the finals 4 consecutive years with the CAVS, but he wanted out. Kyrie wanted to spread his wings. There was a lot of animosity between him and some of the executives and there were rumors swirling that he no longer wanted to play next to LeBron.

Kyrie is now with the Boston Celtics for his second year and he is doing an amazing job at leading his team. Tonight Kyrie scored 37 points. It was like watching him with LeBron all over again , except , LeBron wasn’t there.

You can catch the Celtics third matchup with the Pacers Friday at 8:30 pm eastern time on ABC.

What’s next for LeBron James ? Injury report

LeBron James is not even human. His entire career has been beyond amazing . LeBron started his career in the NBA right out of high school. He has made it to 9 consecutive finals appearances, has won 3 championships , 3 finals MVP awards , 4 MVP awards , and 14 All Stars appearances. Many of his stats have surpassed Michael Jordan. His career highs have been really high and his career low is something he is facing right now. LeBron will not be returning to the court until next season .

LeBron has just faced the worse injury of his entire career . On Dec 25, 2018 , LeBron suffered a groin muscle injury. He took about 6 weeks off and downplayed his injury. He told his doctors , managers , and fans that he felt great. However , his injury couldn’t have happened at a worse time. While he was out recovering from his injury , the Lakers continued to lose most of the games forcing them out of the playoffs. LeBron has not missed a year playing in the playoffs since 2004-5. When he first returned from his injury it was apparent he wasn’t his MVP self as he failed to score at the rim and was missing shots. As time went on he gained his strength and confidence back but it was to late to get in the playoffs.

Now we wait. We wait to see how this recovery period strengthens LeBron. We wait to see how he plays next season. He is resting per advice from his doctors. We wait to see what kinds of trades will happen with the Lakers. There are a few really great players who will be free agents in July. Can the Lakers sign Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving when free agency hits in July ? I’m holding out for Kyrie.

I’m ending this post with a video by Da Kid Gowie. If you haven’t heard of him you should check him out on YouTube. This video pretty much sums up how I feel about LeBron’s current situation. We can only hope LeBron rests and comes back next season as his usual incredible self and hopefully we see him in the finals next year !

Mariah Carey in Buffalo, NY!

I have been a HUGE Mariah Carey fan for YEARS! I have seen her on tour 4 times. I was so excited to see her last Saturday in Buffalo, NY. My sister and I made a 3 hour drive from Cleveland , Ohio to NY and we stayed in an Airbnb. . The concert was everything and more then I was hoping it would be. Mariah belted out many of her older hits such as Love Takes Time , Heart Breaker , and Always Be My Baby ( where her kids made an onstage appearance). Mariah also sung some of her newer songs from her Caution album. The biggest surprise of the show ( besides her children coming on stage ) was the few songs from her Glitter soundtrack was sung ! She sung Last Night A DJ Saved My Life and Never To Far and even thrilled the audience with Lover Boy. There was even a T-shirt you could purchase from the show that said ” justice for Glitter “.

Mariah’s lambs made it happen. They got Glitter to hit number one on the charts YEARS after it was released.

I had the best time of my life at this show and I am definitely getting tickets to see her back in Vegas . Mariah took the stage for an hour and half but it felt like 30 minutes.

I included a small video for you to see ! My seat was a little ways back and with the bright lights I didn’t get any good pictures. If you are a Mariah fan , I suggest you go to one of her shows. It’s always a good time !

Having a rough week

It’s been quite awhile since I have posted anything. I have been through so much in the last few months. I have been working out of town for a few months and I am currently recovering from surgery.

Since I have been very bored due to staying indoors recovering from my surgery I decided to be nosey and stalk some Facebook pages. I looked through old friends , coworkers , and boyfriends ( or those who I can remember their names) Facebook pages and lets just say , I should have just played games on my phone instead. Although , there was some pretty juicy pictures or information I found out.

One of my exes ( who was a real cheating shit head ) is moving closer to where I currently live. Let’s just say I’m not happy about that one. One of my friends from high school is pregnant and another joined the army. A lot of life I have missed out on some of these people. I just lost touch with some very good people and some who were not so good and needed to be cut from my life.

Hope everyone is having a great week and as soon as I recover from this surgery I will begin to frequently post like I use to. I am going to see Mariah Carey in concert soon so I guess that might be my next post !

NBA All Stars ! Captains choose their teammates !!

LeBron James won the votes again and is captain in this years All Stars game. He will be choosing who is on his team ( and I have a HUGE feeling if Kyrie is chosen first that there just might be something to those Lakers rumors ). We all heard the rumors. Kyrie’s apologetic phone call to LeBron. Kyrie saying he doesn’t owe anybody sh*t and ask him July 1st about his free agency. The Lakers have the cap space to sign a really good player and they are currently looking for an excellent shooter who can keep up with LeBron. Makes sense to sign Kyrie to me !

You can catch LeBron on TNT at 7pm tomorrow night as he chooses who will be team LeBron. Will LeBron’s team win again ? Will LeBron win MVP again ?

Here is a trip down memory lane :

NBA All Stars !!!

Cast your votes on now !

Who is excited for the 2019 NBA All Stars this year ? Me !!! I have been waiting since last years all stars game to see Kyrie and LeBron playing together on the same team again.

LeBron has the most votes of any NBA player right now so he will probably be one of the captains again this year and I have a pretty big feeling he is going to pick Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving again. He would be foolish not to.

Last years slam dunk contest has me laughing so hard that I had tears coming out of my eyes. If you missed last years dunk contest , I added a link below !

Not only was the dunk contest hilarious with Nance’s tall socks and extreme confidence , but the 3 point shooting contest was pretty interesting .

The best part of 2018 All Stars game was seeing Kyrie and LeBron back together on the court again laughing it up !

For those if you who think the two have any bad blood …. watch this clip from 2018 All Stars game !

You can watch 2019 NBA All Stars game Sunday February 17!!

People who get on my nerves !

Ever have one of those days that you just felt like flipping the entire world off ? Ever have one of those days where you really wanted to tell someone how you really felt because they ruined YOUR day ?

Well, for me, today is that day. Today , I was having a great day until …. yup … you guessed it. People !

Why are some people so consumed with caring about your thoughts , your feelings , and your day ? Why do some people feel the need to always chime in on something they don’t know anything about ?

Maybe today I didn’t feel like smiling. Maybe today I didn’t feel like talking . Is that really going to upset you that I needed some space ? Did it upset you that much that I am a woman who has my own thoughts and opinions and if I feel like sitting with my legs open or I feel like cursing , then so the hell what !

I was having a great day ….. until you just had to say something about my thoughts and feelings because you seem to think just because I am a lady that I should sit down , cross my legs and shut up. I am so sick of men thinking women should be seen and not heard.

Society has gotten way to judgmental. Everyone is racist and we can’t say anything because we may offend somebody . Well guess what buttercup , I been offending people my whole life so if you think I’m just going to sit back , clasp my hands and close my mouth then I guess you don’t really know me then do you ?

I was having a great day ….. until ignorance decided to stomp all over me. I was having a great day until you came along.

Now that I said my peace , I’m just going to sit back , relax , and wait for the next person to ruin my perfectly great day !