Is LeBron playoff ready ?

Last night the LA Lakers fought their way on the court against last year champions the Toronto Raptors. The Lakers started the game by missing every shot for the first few minutes as the Raptors easily scored 10 points. Finally McGee made a bucket putting the Lakers on the scoreboard. The Lakers had 11 turnovers in the first quarter of the game. They didn’t look like the number one team in the NBA. They looked more like they were just waking up from a long deep sleep. The Lakers lost to the Raptors with a score of 92 to 107.

LeBron played well. He always does. LeBron ended the night with 20 points , 5 assists , 10 rebounds , and 1 block. His defense was pretty stellar last night as well. I have noticed him picking up his defense in the last few games. He looks in great shape. He was smiling on the sidelines. LeBron is right where he wants to be . His health is good. His teammate Anthony Davis is looking and feeling good and the Lakers are passing the ball and working pretty well on the court together . So what went wrong last night ?

One thing I noticed during the game was the double teaming on Anthony Davis. I think the Lakers are going to have to make sure Davis is open to make those shots that we know he can make. Was LeBron as aggressive as he usually is on the court. I didn’t notice if he was. He seemed to have his usual energy but something was a little off with him last night. JR Smith , who I am ecstatic to see play with LeBron again played for about 7 minutes. The one thing I love about JR Smith besides his upfront raw personality is his ability to open the floor space the point guard needs to get a bucket. He can get into those 3 point shots easily if he wants to. I would like to see more of him on the court. I also think Kuzma should be a starter. I am not sure why the coaches have benched him but I do think he has proven himself to be a starter.

The Lakers next game will be against Utah Jazz tomorrow 9 p.m eastern time on ESPN. Go Lakers !!

Having a psychic ability

Have you ever had a gut feeling that something wasn’t quite right ? Have you ever felt like something wasn’t quite right walking into a room ? Have you ever felt like someone was in the room with you but when you turned around no one was there ? Have you ever felt someone was watching you and when you turned around you met the stare of a stranger ?

Growing up I always had feelings that I wasn’t alone even after my entire family left the house. I would see shadows out of the corner of my eye , hear footsteps in my bedroom all of the time. A few times I would wake up in the middle of the night to see a shadow of a man starring out my bedroom window. I would hear scratching on my bedroom walls.

One of my most haunting memories in the house I grew up in was the feeling of being held down in my bed. I felt a heavy pressure on my chest. I couldn’t scream out. A few moments later it felt as if something was lifting out of me. Was it sleep paralysis or something else ?

To this day I still see shadows out of the corner of my eye. I experienced something freakishly scary at my sisters house with the blankets slowly moving over my head.

I always wondered why I would experience so much more paranormal activity then anyone else in my house. Was it because I played “ light as a feather stiff as a board” as a child ? For those of you who don’t know what that is it’s basically a game you play with about 4 others. One person will lay down while a few others sit around that person with two fingers under the person laying on the floor. Everyone closes their eyes and chants “light as a feather , stiff as a board” at the same time. The person laying on the floor will rise about 4 feet. It is scary to think I use to play games like that not knowing what I was inviting into the home. I also played the game I believe in Mary Worth.

Those of you who have no idea what game that is just know it’s not a game to take lightly. Basically, you turn out all of the lights , light a candle and stare into a mirror while repeating over and over “ I believe in Mary Worth “. You are suppose to try not to blink and Mary will come out of the mirror and scratch your face. It actually happened to my friends friend so of course my best friend and I had to try it ourselves. I later found out I was inviting the unknown into my house.

I have visited quite a few psychics in my life time. I have been told by a few of them that I have psychic abilities and all I had to do was open the door a little more for them to really be apart of my world. I have also had a few psychics tell me I would have a change of career in writing . I was told that way before I wrote my first two books and self published them.

Do you believe in the paranormal ? Do you believe there is something out there trying to get your attention ? Play a few games to find out ….. if you are brave enough. I dare you.

LeBron takes on LA Clippers !!!

You didn’t really think I would take to much time off to not mention LeBron did you ? In just a few hours we will see the greatest NBA player on earth play against the second top team in the NBA . LA Clippers have had a phenomenal season with Leonard and Paul George ( my future husband ). However , their court chemistry doesn’t even come close to the chemistry that LeBron and Anthony has. The other day as I was listening to ESPN and their usual banter on who they think has been the best duo in NBA history , I began to think of all of the teammates I watched over the years. ESPN thought Davis and James was one of the best duos they seen in years.

I started to think of all of the teammates LeBron has played with over the years. I absolutely loved watching LeBron play with Wade but there is something special about LeBron and Kyrie’s presence on the court together. It’s like they can read each other’s minds on the court easily catching the passes , dribbling behind one another. Kyrie and LeBron made it to the NBA finals 3 times together and winning one championship together. Later LeBron chose Kyrie to be on his All Stars team and they won again. In my heart LeBron and Kyrie make the best dynamic duo in NBA history. Is it because I am from Cleveland ? I’m not sure but I do know I cherish every memory I have of those two together. However , tonight is a different story. Tonight I cheer for Davis. Davis has been a pleasant surprise and I am definitely a new fan of his.

You can catch the LA Lakers take on the LA Clippers tonight on TNT at 9 pm Eastern time. GO LAKERS !

Shadows of Her

Do you like creepy thrillers ? My third book titled Shadows of Her will surely bring all kinds of creepy chills dow your spine. I have always loved reading horror , especially Stephen Kings nightmarish stories. I am half way through the writing process and taking editing and creative writing classes. I am currently working out the cover as well. If you like creepy tales then this book will be for you ! Stay tuned !!

How has Covid affected your life?

As I am sitting here writing this I begin to think of how life use to be. Before Covid 19. I use to stop at my local Starbucks for a grande iced macchiatto to sip as I painlessly made my way through the dreaded grocery store. I use to sip my beloved coffee as I shopped my way around Nordstrom Rack and Kirklands. I loved sipping my coffee while shopping. It brought me comfort.

I use to love to go to a great horror flick. Every time a Stephen King movie was released or Halloween time rolled around I would gather with my friends or family and make my way to the movie theater with the reclining chairs and speakers so loud I swore my ear drums would pop at any second.

I LOVE going to concerts. I have been to quite a few shows in my life time. I have seen Mariah Carey about 5 times live. Mariahs Christmas shows are my favorite. I was planning on going again this December. I have seen Usher a few times, Kelly Clarkson, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Brandy, and Nick Lachey among many others.

I loved going to basketball games. Nothing was better then those moments of seeing Kyrie Irvings crossovers and LeBron James super human strength dominate the court. I loved the jumbo screens and Clevelands crowds cheering away to the most dynamic duo in NBA history (in my opinion). I know Anthony Davis is playing like LeBrons right hand man right now but I am still in the bliss moments of the memories of Kyrie.

I loved taking long strolls in the Cleveland Metro parks. I loved the quiet, peaceful walk with the shaded trees, wild rabbits and chirping of the birds.

Now my life has completely changed because of Covid. I signed up for a writers shop in Cleveland, Ohio and was so excited to finally attend the workshop and meet publishers and have the opportunity to present my books. The class was changed from being downtown cleveland to online. I felt a little sad to miss the opportunity to attend the class in person.

I can no longer sip on my Starbucks coffee while shopping. The state of Ohio has mandated masks to be worn or the stores have the right to refuse service.

I am still afraid to order take out food. I mostly cook at home now . My grocery store shopping experience now is wearing a mask, carrying disinfectant with me, keeping a 6 foot distance between shoppers, disinfecting my car afterwards, disinfecting my food packaging , disinfecting my counter tops, doorknobs, and changing my clothes after the shopping ordeal. Basically it takes me twice as long grocery shopping then it did before Covid which makes me hate grocery shopping twice as much as I did before.

I no longer feel comfortable going out in crowds. That means no more basketball games or concerts for me for a long time even after Covid starts to decrease. I don’t know when I will be ready to actually sit down in a restaurant again. I feel more comfortable cooking my own food and not having to worry about what Covid19 germs are on my food wrappers , cups , napkins etc. If I do make that rare trip to Jimmy Johns and Starbucks, I do not accept or use their napkins and I disinfect the wrappers or cups. I feel like its a lot less hassle to just stay home and make my own dinner and coffee.

I know a few people who have experienced Covid 19. My coworkers brother died in March from Covid. My coworker has been off of work for two weeks now with Covid19. My supervisors wife currently has Covid19.

I am afraid of being one of the Covid 19 carriers without symptoms and passing it to my family. I am afraid to take a walk in the park because it is so crowded and no one keeps the 6 feet distance. I am afraid of walking in stores to browse because I know the germs are everywhere.

A vaccination is in the works for Covid19 but I am a little concerned what is actually in this vaccinations and what the long term affects will be if I get one. I don’t trust the government and vaccinations. I already have my concerns on the flu vaccinations that are forced upon healthcare workers every year with unknown long term affects . Hospitals are now forcing the vaccination while making the employees sign a waiver that they can not sue the hospital as the risks of the vaccination are unknown. If that doesn’t make your stomach turn I don’t know what will. I can guarantee that health systems will force this Covid vaccinations on employees while making them sign a waiver so they can’t sue for any odd side affects that might occur with this new vaccination. Sometimes I feel like the government is out to control our every move.

Stay safe out there everybody! Life is short. Enjoy it! As for me, I am staying inside and looking forward to the NBA playoffs if they make it that far without Covid taking over.