NBA All Stars ! Captains choose their teammates !!

LeBron James won the votes again and is captain in this years All Stars game. He will be choosing who is on his team ( and I have a HUGE feeling if Kyrie is chosen first that there just might be something to those Lakers rumors ). We all heard the rumors. Kyrie’s apologetic phone call to LeBron. Kyrie saying he doesn’t owe anybody sh*t and ask him July 1st about his free agency. The Lakers have the cap space to sign a really good player and they are currently looking for an excellent shooter who can keep up with LeBron. Makes sense to sign Kyrie to me !

You can catch LeBron on TNT at 7pm tomorrow night as he chooses who will be team LeBron. Will LeBron’s team win again ? Will LeBron win MVP again ?

Here is a trip down memory lane :

NBA All Stars !!!

Cast your votes on now !

Who is excited for the 2019 NBA All Stars this year ? Me !!! I have been waiting since last years all stars game to see Kyrie and LeBron playing together on the same team again.

LeBron has the most votes of any NBA player right now so he will probably be one of the captains again this year and I have a pretty big feeling he is going to pick Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving again. He would be foolish not to.

Last years slam dunk contest has me laughing so hard that I had tears coming out of my eyes. If you missed last years dunk contest , I added a link below !

Not only was the dunk contest hilarious with Nance’s tall socks and extreme confidence , but the 3 point shooting contest was pretty interesting .

The best part of 2018 All Stars game was seeing Kyrie and LeBron back together on the court again laughing it up !

For those if you who think the two have any bad blood …. watch this clip from 2018 All Stars game !

You can watch 2019 NBA All Stars game Sunday February 17!!

People who get on my nerves !

Ever have one of those days that you just felt like flipping the entire world off ? Ever have one of those days where you really wanted to tell someone how you really felt because they ruined YOUR day ?

Well, for me, today is that day. Today , I was having a great day until …. yup … you guessed it. People !

Why are some people so consumed with caring about your thoughts , your feelings , and your day ? Why do some people feel the need to always chime in on something they don’t know anything about ?

Maybe today I didn’t feel like smiling. Maybe today I didn’t feel like talking . Is that really going to upset you that I needed some space ? Did it upset you that much that I am a woman who has my own thoughts and opinions and if I feel like sitting with my legs open or I feel like cursing , then so the hell what !

I was having a great day ….. until you just had to say something about my thoughts and feelings because you seem to think just because I am a lady that I should sit down , cross my legs and shut up. I am so sick of men thinking women should be seen and not heard.

Society has gotten way to judgmental. Everyone is racist and we can’t say anything because we may offend somebody . Well guess what buttercup , I been offending people my whole life so if you think I’m just going to sit back , clasp my hands and close my mouth then I guess you don’t really know me then do you ?

I was having a great day ….. until ignorance decided to stomp all over me. I was having a great day until you came along.

Now that I said my peace , I’m just going to sit back , relax , and wait for the next person to ruin my perfectly great day !

Happy New Year 2019 🎊

It’s been awhile since I have been in the blogs.

Today is my father’s birthday. He passed away years ago but for some reason I felt the need to celebrate who he was. He was a twin. He mostly worked and spent little time with his children. I sometimes wish I could have spent more time with him. It got me thinking about the new year ahead and changes I want to make going into this new year.

I joined a gym. I’m sure thousands of others have as well. I’m having an out patient procedure done in March. I have finally decided on a different career path and I am planning on starting this summer.

I’m hoping to relax this year. I want to spend more time with my family and enjoying life. I feel as if 2018 was so consumed with work and bills that I didn’t really take the time to just enjoy life. None of us are promised each day. I am one year older . Another year has been checked off of my life and I’m not quite settled yet. I want to travel more. I want to go to more basketball games and concerts. I want to live more.

I want to be happy.

I want to publish another book. I’m working on it.

Here is to 2019 hoping it’s a great year ! Happy New Year !!!🎊🎆🎈

A little about me …..My favorite music !!

It has been awhile since I have blogged. Uninspired ? Apprehensive?

However , I came across one of the best R&B groups that I have ever heard tonight. As I was browsing on YouTube I came across H-Town. H-Town is a 90s R&B group from Houston , Texas. H -Towns most well known song ( and my personal favorite ) is Knockin Da Boots

Those soulful voices just make me melt and put me in dreamland. What some people may not know is the lead singer in the group Dino was killed in a car accident in 2003. The remaining two members Shazam and GI still tour across the US .

I love the 90s R&B. Sometimes I wonder if I was in a group in one of my past lives because it just doesn’t get better then that 90s R&B.

I am also a huge fan of Shai. One of my favorite songs of all time :

How about Tevin Campbell ? Anyone remember him ? This is one of my favorite tracks by Tevin …

Last but not least …. one of my favorite tracks today is by R&B group PM Dawn . I could listen to I’d Die without you 100 times a day and never get tired of it . Such a beautiful song . Enjoy !!

LeBron James debut as a Laker

I was super excited to see LeBron play his first pre season game with the Lakers last night. I was only able to catch a few minutes of the game because the people I was with was already watching the Pittsburgh Steelers game.

Let’s just say it was more exciting to watch LeBron. He only played about 15 minutes but just seeing him in his Lakers uniform and in action gave me the same chills I had watching him for 15 seasons ago.  It is pretty weird to see him in purple instead of blue , but at least I get another year to watch this beast on the court.

I have to get use to watching a whole new team again. The only other players on the Lakers team that I am familiar with is Stephenson and Ball. The only reason I am familiar with Lonzo Ball is because his dad has a mouth that is bigger than LeBrons career. I can’t say I am to excited to see Lonzo’s dad screaming at the sidelines and telling everyone how his son is already better than LeBron and Jordan combined. Yeah , I will just ignore that last sentence as well 🤐.

NBA regular season starts in about 15 days. I have tickets to see LeBron on his return to Cleveland November 21. I am so exited to see if LeBron can lead the Lakers to the finals just as he did the CAVS and the Heat. It’s going to be an interesting year 🤗