LeBron James makes NBA All Stars Captain again 2021 !

LeBron has done it again !! He was named All Stars captain again ! This is LeBrons 18th season and he has been selected to participate in the NBA All Stars for 17 seasons total. It just doesn’t get better then that !

Kevin Durant has made All Stars captain for the east coast so I guess LeBron will not be able to choose him for his team this year like he did the last few years.

Kyrie Irving was also voted in as one of the starters for the All Stars . Since LeBron received more votes then Kevin Durant , he will get to choose his starter first. I am hoping he snatches Kyrie before Durant takes him.

Anthony Davis did not receive enough votes to play as a starter in the All Stars game but he can still make it in as one of the backcourt players depending on how the coaches vote .

For the west coast starters we have LeBron James , Steph Curry , Luca Doncic, Nikola Jokic and Kawhi Leonard. For the east coast starters we have Kyrie Irving , Bradley Beal, Kevin Durant , Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Joel Embid. Sounds like a great matchup !

Team Lebron !!!!!

Kyrie, Durant , Harden the perfect trio ! Nets defeat Warriors !

Brooklyn Nets defeat the Golden State Warriors ! I didn’t think the trio of Kyrie , Kevin , and James would be as spectacular as they were Saturday night , but they proved me wrong ! The Brooklyn Nets scored 134. The Warriors had 117.

James Harden is known to be a ball hog. Kyrie Irving is known to be a ball hog. Kevin Durant is known for just being a great all around player. However , Durant doesn’t like to be held back either and I was expecting the three of them to fight over who would be the king of the court.

This game proved me wrong ! Those three passed the ball and seemed to really connect on the court. Sure the Nets had more then a few turnovers in the game but they stayed steady as they were ahead most of the game.

What going on with the Warriors is my big question. Steph Curry is still dominating the game with his awesome 3 point shots , but I didn’t really see any of his other teammates play with the same enthusiasm. The Warriors seemed like rookies with their missed shots , stepping out of bounds and poor defense.

The Warriors haven’t been the same since Kevin Durant’s exit and Klay Thompson’s Achilles injury . Stephen Curry was definitely missing that other solid shooter . The greatness of the Warriors that we witnessed in 2017-2019 is long gone.

Congratulations Brooklyn Nets for another solid win. The Nets are sitting at number 3 in the Eastern conference and the Warriors at a steady 8 in the Western conference.

I am excited to finally see the Nets play the LA Lakers this coming Thursday night . However , as much as I love watching Kyrie , my heart is bigger for LeBron !

You can catch the Brooklyn Nets play against the LA Lakers this Thursday at 10 pm Eastern time on TNT!

LeBron James scores 46 points as Lakers defeat Cleveland Cavaliers

If you thought he was slowing down at the age of 36 and in his 18th season you would be wrong !

Father Time isn’t catching up with this superman. Tonight Lebron was all over the court ending the night with 46 points , 6 assists and 8 rebounds. Sure he was a ball hog tonight but I will let that slide since he holds the record of the most assists in NBA history.

Andre Drummond was the highest scorer for the Cleveland CAVS tonight as he ended the game with 25 points , 1 assist and 17 rebounds. Lucky for the CAVS Andre was under that hoop ready to snatch that ball all 17 times. Osman ended the night with a solid 20 points and Sexton ended with 17 points.

Let’s just say LeBron has never disappointed me. I am just feeling sorry for myself as I can’t see him play live thanks to COVID-19. I am still grateful I can watch him on ESPN but it’s not the same watching his dunks , fade aways and scoring Triple doubles on tv as it is live.

The next game comes this Wednesday as the Lakers take on the 76ers. That will be a pretty good matchup as the 76ers have won 12 games this season and the Lakers have won 13. The game will be broadcasted on ESPN .

Kansas City Chiefs defeat Cleveland Browns !

What a game last night was ! The Cleveland Browns played tough against the Kansas Chiefs but they were unable to bring it on home even with the Chiefs quarterback out on concussion protocol mid game.

The Cleveland Browns have always been the underdogs. Always one of those teams that could never get it quite right. Well , that is until the entire team moved to Baltimore in 1995. Anybody remember that ?

The owner of the Cleveland Browns, Art Modell moved the entire roster of the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore to make the team of the Baltimore Ravens. Yes that is how the Baltimore Ravens started up their team ( from the entire Browns Roster ) and that year that Art Modell made that move his new team the Baltimore Ravens won the championship.

So how is it that when that same team played in Cleveland Ohio they couldn’t get to the playoffs but they make the move to Baltimore and become the Ravens that win a championship? Simply because of the Cleveland curse.

Everyone knows the curse. LeBron made history as he lead the Cleveland Cavaliers to their first championship in 2016 ending that 52 year curse of never ending loses. Let’s face it , if Lebron wasn’t part of that team in 2016 the CAVS never would have gotten in the playoffs. Every time Lebron sat out a game the CAVS would lose. Lebron earned that billboard !

Getting back to the Cleveland Browns , let’s just say they had a phenomenal year. They played better then most teams in the NFL this season and even knocked the Pittsburg Steelers out in the playoffs which stunned me. I guess it didn’t help when Ben Rothlisberger threw 4 interceptions that game. There are rumors that Ben is planning another year with the Steelers to give it one more run. Ben is a great quarterback but his last game against the Cleveland Browns would certainly have you wondering if his glory days are over.

Last night was the first night I actually watched a full game of the Chiefs. I never been a fan of them but their quarterback caught my attention. Patrick Mahomes is 25 years old and has already lead the Kansas Chiefs to a championship last season. This season it doesn’t look like he is slowing things down either. That entire team looks ready to win again this season. Their offense and defense is good , the quarterback is good , the kicker is solid. However , Mahomes suffered a concussion last night as the backup quarterback took over . The backup quarterbacks name is Chad Henne.

Usually the backup quarterbacks are not even near as good as the primary quarterback. However , Henne proved himself last night. His throws were just right as he continued to get his wide receiver and running back in just the right positions to end the night with a solid win.

After the Cleveland Browns lost to the Kansas Chiefs I watched Tom Brady who is now the quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Say what you want about Brady but the guy is the LeBron of football. He can scan the field in half a second and throw it to one of his guys. I don’t even know if he has to blink he throws it so fast. The Buccaneers defeated the New Orlean Saints last night. The Saints quarterback Drew Breeze might be leaving the NFL. There are rumors that last night would be his last game . Drew Breeze has won one championship with the Saints in his career. He is 42 years old and will end up in the hall of fame as one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. However , when you compare his stats to Tom Brady who has 6 championships under his belt , and is 43 years old but still playing like he is 25 years old it’s crazy to think what an amazing career Brady has had. Brady looks like he is right on track to winning his 7th championship.

You can catch Tom Brady next Sunday as the Buccaneers take on Greenbay Packers at 3 pm eastern time on Fox and you can catch Kansas City Chiefs take on the Buffalo Bills next Sunday at 6:40 pm eastern time on CBS.