Pittsburg Steelers out of the 2021 playoffs. Loses to the Cleveland Browns !

The game will be over in less then 3 minutes but I thought I would share the news now . The Pittsburg Steelers lost to the Cleveland Browns. I thought I would never see the day of that happening. I guess it didn’t help that Ben Rothlisberger threw 4 interceptions.

I should have known how the game would end just by watching the first two minutes of the game. The Steelers lost the ball a few seconds after kickoff and the Browns ran into the end zone. I sat there watching my tv asking what happened because I blinked and missed it. Then they replayed it about 4 times because it was so unbelievable. Better luck next year Steelers !

I also found out today that JuJu is a free agent. I wonder if he will move on from the Steelers.

Congratulations Cleveland ! Maybe that city will have another championship. LeBron got the first one for the city. Maybe the Browns will get the next !

Covid Blues ?

Tired of being inside ? Tired of wearing masks ? Tired of running away from people coughing ? Tired of worrying about Covid germs being on your groceries ? Tired of wondering if that headache or congestion is Covid ?

Tired of not being able to do things you use to do such as attend a sporting event ? Go to the movies ? Sit down with a nice cup of hot coffee at the coffee shop as you browse your computer ? Tired of getting take out instead of sitting in a restaurant ?

Tired of football games being cancelled or delayed because players caught Covid ? Tired of worrying about going to your doctors appointment wondering if the seats , doorknobs , elevator buttons , and dressing rooms have been disinfected ?

Tired of feeling alone and in isolation ? Tired of feeling like a prisoner?

That is me !

While I love being alone sometimes , (because let’s face it , people can be pretty annoying ), I do feel alone sometimes. Sure I go to work and continue to do my grocery shopping and run some errands but I have felt that my isolation has lasted long enough.

I am ready to walk in the stores without my mask. I am ready to enjoy my coffee as I browse shops instead of enjoying it in my car.

However , 2019 wasn’t a total waste for me. I have picked up extra hours at work and I completed my third book Shadows of Her that is my best work yet ! I have spent a little more time reading and writing. I started a new podcast. I have been cooking at home more. I have learned new recipes and how to make lattes at home that taste pretty darn good !

I have also had the time to contemplate the changes that are coming in my life in 2021. For everyone out there feeling blue about Covid , try to use this time to self reflect and maybe try new things that you thought you never would !

Dallas Cowboys lose to NY Giants and out of playoffs

If you were hoping the Dallas Cowboys would make it to the playoffs then you will have to wait until next season. Dallas lost to the New York Giants with a score of 19 to 23 eliminating them from playoff contention.

The offense was absolutely terrible the first half of the game for the Cowboys. It seemed as if they couldn’t catch Daltons throws , Dalton getting sacked several times and when the offense finally caught a ball , they would make it a yard or two. The only thing keeping the Cowboys on the scoreboard was their kicker Zuerlien as he made three of his 3 field goal attempts. Then it was half time.

The beginning half looked a little more promising as Eziekel made a 62 yard drive and scored a Touchdown. Elliotts game this season has been a little off as he struggled to complete catches and score touchdowns . He has not been the usual Elliott we knew from the Ohio State days and his first two years with the Cowboys that have been phenomenal. Seeing this touchdown from him made me think back to his Ohio State game days when his “feed me “ actually felt like his road to promises of giving you a game you will remember .

The Cowboys were slowly catching up to the Giants as their offense started to wake up as they were coming to the realization that they need this win to have a chance in the playoffs. Then at the last final minute of the game Dalton throws an interception and at that second all of the Cowboys fans knew it was the end of the season for them.

All hopes of being in the playoffs next season will depend if Dak Prescott , who is a free agent , will get signed back to the Cowboys next season . After Daks injury hit is beyond clear that Dak can get this team to the playoffs. As I watched the Cowboys struggle all season I noticed the offense plays better when Dak is throwing the ball. Eziekel plays better when Dak is out there and so does Cooper.

For anyone who is curious who won the game between the Pittsburg Steelers and the Cleveland Browns, the Cleveland Browns took that game tonight as Ben Rothlisberger sat out and some of Pittsburgh tougher players sat out as well since the Steelers have already clenched their spot into the playoffs. Easy win for Cleveland tonight.

Better luck next year Dallas !

( sorry about the mistake of NY Jets ). This article was re-edited to accurately state the correct New York team )

Happy New Year !!!! 2021 begins !

Goodbye 2020!

That was a rough year. It started off with Kobe Bryant and his daughters death from a helicopter crash. Then Covid 19 wrecked the entire world. I had a family member end up on life support ( thank goodness he is ok now ). The unemployment rate is the highest it has ever been ( or pretty close ). It has been a year of disappointment and grief.

The nation is STILL waiting on a much needed stimulus check and we finally got the orange head kicked out of the office. So , what can we expect from 2021?

As the world eagerly awaits to see how the covid vaccination works ( and prays the long term affects isn’t massive ) and the United States sees a new President , we are praying for better times.

I know I have a few things I am working on for the new year. One is to look for a new job. I need something less stressful this year. I am also planning on exercising again. I have not been to a gym in almost a year now.

I also have a few projects lined up . I have a few places I want to visit this year if we can ever get Covid controlled. I have a feeling we will still be in the same predicament this summer as it will take time to see how well the vaccination works. I think we will be wearing masks for a long time to come.

I wish everyone a happy and healthy 2021 !

Merry Christmas !!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas. This year is a little different as we are still facing a pandemic. Visiting my family has been on hold this holiday. I decided not to travel or visit anyone this holiday to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19 or possibly infecting others incase I am an unknown carrier. I have mailed or delivered my gifts and making this Christmas a little more quiet.

I am still blasting Mariah Carey’s Christmas albums ( I have both ). I will be quietly working on my podcast tomorrow and taking time to call family and watch my favorite Christmas movies such as the Grinch !

Hoping everyone is healthy and staying safe for the holidays ! Merry Christmas !!!

Also , LeBron James will be playing tonight on ABC against the Mavericks 8pm Eastern time . GO LAKERS !